Gears 5 and wireless headset issue on PC

Hello y’all.

if i use my turtle beach… audio is broken
if i use my xbox headset connected to my xbox controller… audio is broken.
if i use my headphones connected to my xbox controller… audio is broken.

if i use my pc speakers… audio is ok.
is i use my headphones connected directly to PC… audio is ok.

any solution or workaround to fix this?!



So I had similar problems playing Black ops games with a wireless headset and now sadly Gears 5. Corsair Void pro wireless.

I found a solution, but requires a download of an app.

It’s an easy tool and all you need is to set it as your headset and badaboom you got audio on your wireless headsets.


I experience this issue also. LucidSound LS35X connected via Microsoft Xbox One Wireless USB Adapter for Windows.

Stuttering audio from game. Could not fix.

Only thing that worked was connecting my old Plantronics wired headset direct to my PC.

Running an Alienware 13R3 with RTX2080Ti in an AGA. Xbox adapter directly connected to laptop and working for every other game I have installed (Forza, Destiny 2, Division 2 etc).

Hoping developers can fix this ASAP @TC_Octus ?


I’m having the same issue. Sound works through speakers but i get stuttering audio through my wireless headset and other games and apps are fine.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Xbox one connected with wireless dongle. (Aux doesn’t work on my headset)


Thank you so much this fixed the issue for me and now I can play on my pc!

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Same problem too with Xbox Wireless USB Adapter and Turtle Beach Stealth 600.


This happens with other games that use Dolby Atmos, so I think this may be a Windows issue. I created some feedback in the Feedback Hub app.

Upvote for this issue here:


Through tv sounds fine. Turtle beach 600 audio breaks constantly. Throught the smaller wired turtle beach through controller also breaks constantly. Using Microsoft wireless adapter. Every things updated. Everything works with every other game ,movie ,etc. Only this game on pc has issue


I downloaded this app and sound issues were fixed for the game sound however now i cant talk in xbox live parties.

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Turtle Beach Elite 800x not working, even with updates audio still stutters and is unplayable with. Hope the developers can fix Dolby Atmos causing all these various headsets same problem. This is also occuring for some xbox one users.

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Voicemeeter fixes the audio problem for PC. But you have to have the app open and running for it to work. Also the app reduces audio quality and introduces lag too. Really hope there is a better solution for this.

thanks man worked for me

Same as everybody else here… Headset to the controller, controller wireless connected to the wireless adapter. Stutter sound from beginning logo… Only game in my collection of Xbox PC games does this.

Help needed immediately.

same issue.
Windows Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362
Turtle Beach stealth 600 Xbox One
Xbox Wireless USB Adapter
Intel 9700k
asus rog strix 370-h
2070 rtx black
Firmware for headset updated, purchased headset less than a day ago.

Gears 5 is the only game I own that causes this issue. I only bought a headset for gears 5 because I don’t play any other multiplayer games. No other WIRED headset has this issue, only the wireless headset I have posted.

I have the logitech 935 the audio is ok but in gears 5 i can’t use the mic on pc i don’t know why.
The headset works perfect on xbox one and COD modern warfare on PC.
please help.

Thank you so so much! Been having this problem since I built my PC a few months back could not find a solution until this, you’re a legend!

Same problem here in 05/2021 with Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Headset connected via Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter. Gears 5 is the only game with these sound issues, everything else is working like a charm.

Going by other threads in this forum it appears that this sound issue hasn’t even been acknowledged by the developers, is that right?

Unfortunately TC has NOT acknowledged the irritating sound issues on headset, and is unlikely to ever be fixed since it’s been a persistent issue on PC since launch.

Hopefully for Gears 6, they hire anyone to QA these embarrassing bugs that somehow made launch.

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If your Headset connects Via Computer Bluetooth this happens.

I have a Steelseries Headset Arctic Pro Wireless and when i connect Bluetooth to Computer it has major audio stuttering or random muted moments in game.

But when i connect to my steel series Bluetooth reciever it works perfectly fine.

i think its the Bluetooth functionality thats failing to work with G5

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It happens with Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter as well.