Gears 5 and the rankeds

Yup i had to do this, i star to play this game when this one realise, but now i want the rewards for win rounds or matches in rankeds, but here it’s the problem in my country (chile/southamerica) the game don’t find in 2 modes gridiron and the last one of the list here is called(escalada / its the one is in the side of gnasher 2 v 2) if i want the boltok of niles (the exclusive skin of tour medals) what i had to do?

Most likely you’ll have to pair up with someone in a region with a higher player base. Let them host.

Just wait max 5 mins and restart. Its based om playlists. People join playlists. A list of players are there if they leave you Will be alone… back out and join a new playlist.


One hour my goodness :sob:

He was trying to do ranked medals. Hardly an option to do ones for Gridiron or Escalation in TDM or KOTH.

That sucks. Only other way to to Join someone in a better region and have them host. Good luck to you.