Gears 5 and Tactics shutting xbox series x down


I have been playing both Gears 5 campaign (with all series x updates) and Tactics and I am running into issues with both games shutting off the xbox series x mid game, can happen anytime whilst playing.

I have played through Far cry 6,Halo infinite,Immortals Fenyix rising and tombraider without issue.

The xbox is plugged into wall outlet and not an extension lead, also its sitting vertically on its own table and not in a AV cupboard/unit so this should rule out power and heat issues.

After it cuts the power I can turn the xbox straight back on, the Xbox is about 4 weeks old. So not sure if its faulty hardware or game related. Its odd thats its only happened to Gears 5 and Tactics from same developer so far.

Things I have tried:
Factory reset, moving the game onto hdd and then moving back
Powering off taking the cord out holding down the power button.

Going to try deleting all data and fresh install

Anyone else had this issue?

Many people on this forum have posted about this.

In all but two cases people reported that sending their Series X away and getting sent a new one fixed the issue.

I presume that the Series X consoles have a much higher than expected failure rate when being pushed and perhaps some of the parts used shouldn’t meet criteria but are being pushed out anyway due to a lack of available parts.


I was one of the unlucky ones who sent in my console and the day after I got my replacement, it also shutdown. However, I just redownloaded the game a couple of days ago so that I could give the support team an honest answer. They asked me if it was still doing it after the latest update? I started from where it crashed the last time I played, which was around the end of Act 1. Just a side note, this was not in one sitting.

I made it through the rest of the campaign and also played through the Hivebusters DLC yesterday without any issues. Not saying it wasn’t a fluke or maybe just got lucky for a few hours. But it could also be the console I got back was just unlucky the second day and is good now. The latest update may have also helped, at least on my end. The only change I’ve made to my system was I switched my tv from using Standard VRR to using Freesync but with my first console I disabled VRR completely and it still crashed.

With my first console I could guarantee a crash every 10-30 minutes. I even replicated it while chatting with Microsoft support. I wanted to post this because in other post I talked about how my replacement console crashed again and I just decided to uninstall the game. For now, after giving it another shot, it seems to be fine. I still told the dev team about the first shutdown though and the forum posts I still see about it.

I highly, highly suggest submitting a support ticket to the Gears 5 team and through the Report a Problem feature on the XBOX. This way Microsoft and the Coalition can see the problems. Even if you are going to send in the console for repair. This way if an update can fix the issue at least they know.

Sorry this was so winded but wanted to share my experience up until now. This was the email I got back from the Coalition.

Hi there,

Thanks for your patience whilst we work through tickets.

Can we please ask if this has been resolved with the most recent update. If not we will escalate this further.

All the best,
Gears Support Team

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Sorry for double posting but my first post was so long. Here is the link where anyone can send in a ticket or report a bug to the devs.

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lol I thought I had this problem too, but it was just the table behind my couch that was pressing against the switch so my Xbox series x turned off randomly. I got worried and then once I saw the table behind my couch pressing it I just moved it away from the switch and was so relieved.

ok cool thanks, I have done a ticket to the devs + report a problem, lets see how he go.
Sorry for re asking a problem that loads of people have asked I should of searched first…

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Its up to you but its not a bad idea to at least chat with microsoft to see if you should send the system in as well. Or if you want you can just start the warranty return on your own, most of the people say that a replacement fixes their issue. My first console didnt only crash in Gears. It also started doing it in Forza.

I just think people should send a bug report because the forums probably arent looked at often so the devs and Microsoft probably dont see the issue that way.

Is it pushing it more than Forza for example? The proof will be when genuine series X titles come out. I’m not convinced this is purely hardware. I use a large gaming UK forum and as you can expect no one plays Gears. I’m the only person that has had this happen. Perhaps it is hardware but I wouldn’t just expect 99% of the reports on one game. The X version surely isn’t pushing the hardware that much more than the OG xbox one for heat!

What am I saying, it’s a Microsoft built console. They likely use squirty cheese for thermal paste.

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Your console is faulty. Contact Microsoft and claim the warranty to get a your console sent away and a replacement sent out to you. It’s the only way you’ll be free if this issue.

Don’t waste any time with that ridiculous ticket system. Your warranty will have long expired before you get a unhelpful response from TC.

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I dont recommend the ticket system as a quick fix for anyone. I recommend it because the devs probably dont pay much attention to the forums and they need to know about the issue. Same with Microsoft which is why I recommend the Report a Problem feature on the XBOX.

If there is a chance an update can fix the issue for many people, like the update for the 2k games did, then that would be great. But they arent going to even try to produce an update or acknowledge telling people to send in their consoles if they aren’t seeing the problem.

Edit: I also didnt mean that people shouldn’t send in their consoles for replacement, just wanted to make that clear. Most people say sending the console in fixes their issue. So it’s more viable than waiting on a ticket response or an update.

However, some people also say they have sent their console in multiple times and still get the issue. Mine crashed the day after i got my replacement but seems to be ok for now. Though Ill never really trust it until I know why.

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I don’t actually know the answer to that question, I know very little about Forza, nor about what part of the console is causing the failure state (presuming only one specific part).

Perhaps not, but seems odd then that out of all the people I have seen with this issue (including a few that don’t play Gears) that getting a new console has fixed the issue in almost every case.

Using an analogy (and the numbers are made up just to be clear):

A car manufacturer makes a new range of cars with a completely new design. The engine has a failure rate of 10% but only when going above 70 Miles per hour, otherwise it has a much lower failure rate. The only people that would experience that issue would be going at a high speed. Not a perfect analogy as the failure state is known and users could stay just below that speed threshold, but in this scenario I imagine users wouldn’t blame speed for the issue, but it would be fair to say that speed plays a part.

Yeah, unfortunately they do have a track record for producing a console with widespread issues that can take them over a year to get to the bottom of.

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Did the One X have issues like this when first out? I only got mine about a year after its initial release, but don’t remember if I saw any complaints about it during that timeframe.

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Not sure on what the failure rate was for that, I was thinking of the Xbox 360.

It also seems odd to me. Keep in mind though that some people who were having the crashing issues out of the 2k games a few months ago also said that sending in there console fixed the issue. Then microsoft also released an announcement and an update that was suppose to have fixed the issue.

Im not saying it isnt hardware related by any means because I simply dont know. Heck it could be a mixture. I just dont know what it is exactly. At first glance to me it acts the same way as when i get a video driver crash on my pc. Could be driver, hardware, or game related.

To be fair i have gotten several crashes on my pc out of gears 5 as well and they would normally pop up with a memory or video memory related issue.

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Yeah, Gears 5, 4 and UE have had tons of issues on PC. I played on PC with a 10 series card through almost all of Gears 4’s lifetime and that was an awful experience.

It is also possible there are multiple/varied problems rather than a single point of failure.

Like with my analogy above, it’s possible that developers could help avert that failure state by limiting something (heat most likely being a part of the problem), but then the entire game could be limited for everyone not just those with faulty consoles.

Wouldn’t shock me if MS put in a check to make sure something couldn’t approach the failure state and I would think MS themselves would be better placed to track these issues and try for a fix than the game devs themselves.

Yea this issue has kept me from even considering Guardian lol

Admittedly been spreading time between both games finally, but been spending all Gears time on OSOK cause of that issue, one thing to shut off in quickplay OSOK opposed to getting suspended for it shutting off middle of a ranked game lol (though the issue has stolen a couple MVPs from me ticking me off lol especially the game I was 13-0 smh).

Yea I should probably just bite the bullet and send it in, not like I don’t still have my XB One in the meantime, but yea just not done it lol.

I agree with the way that this seems that Microsoft should be looking into it. But it might take a push from the devs to get them to do so. Its why i recommend sending in tickets, not because they will reply quickly but maybe itll grab more attention.

To anyone worried that it might take a long time to do a return, it shouldn’t. This was my only experience sending anything in to Microsoft but it only took 9 days total from the time I shipped my console in until they sent me another one. I cant say this is the same for everyone but its better than i imagined.

I remember when I was ■■■■■■■■ about PC advantage, and the entire forum was telling me how the Series X is the perfect console, and I’m still salty over that.

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For price to performance it’s fantastic, at least when you have a working console which most users do have.

PC also has tons of issues with stuttering, frame drops and crashes, the former of which you regularly complain about when people join or leave the party you are in, and that is an issue that has been around for years.

I don’t dispute that a high end PC is better, and plenty of people on the forums argued that PC had an advantage, ignoring all the low end PC’s that simply arent capable to maintaining 120FPS. TSU Silent’s previous PC was a prime example of how a high-end player had a rubbish PC.

In any case, I know how you love long drawn-out arguments and I don’t want to derail the thread, so happy to continue this chat/banter/argument over live with occasional breaks making fun of Clown’s voice.

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I’ll take 90 fps with just ReWASD & 1000hz polling rate over Series X.

Edit: Don’t even get me started on those utter scholars who linked me and everyone else steam charts for months and months on end, when like 18 of the top 19 most used graphics cards have benchmarks over 120fps.

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