Gears 5 and Ranked Still needs to be fixed!

Now lets start of why Ranked is horrible now.
Gears 5 gameplay too

Point Number 1: Lancers
Playing Ranked on Gears 5 is not fun at all for anybody, its just Lancers and Lancers, the main Gears games where focused on the Gnasher which made the games likable and enjoyable. Gears 5 on the other hand not so much, they improved by giving the Gnasher 8 bullets again but that is not enough. The Lancer NEEDS to be fixed. All people do on Ranked is sit back and Lancer when they have the hill, which would be fine if the lancer was weaker than now. Now you wont be able to get out of your own spawn.

Point Number 2: Disconnects
A big issue in Ranked Gears 5 is also getting randomly disconnected. You wont get kicked of Xbox Live at all, all you do is getting kicked out of ths game. And then you dont even get the option to join back at all. You lose points, you get deranked and then you try getting back to that same rank for it to happen again.

Point Number 3: Gears points and the lack off that
Gears points is actually a very good addition to Ranked but it still needs fixing. You can do very well but not get many Gears points. People who have no clue how to play the game can catch up, which lowers the skill gap. People have to learn how to play the game and get rewarded for it. Not get rewarded for being bad at the game. Either players need to get unlimited Gears points in a match for example: Kills. You can clear out a whole team but if you reached 40 kills you wont get anything. Kills do really matter. Or lower the cost to enter a ranked game and make all the ranks the same cost. So atleast with the little amount of GP earned, you will be able to earn instead of constantly lose them.

Point Number 4: Unfair matchmaking
Matchmaking is really not fair, I can go in by myself and face a full team of Diamonds. That shouldnt be happening. And then on my team i get put with players who arent good at the game, but because Bad players are getting rewarded for being bad they will be put on my team. With the cost at a high rank being alot I will keep losing GP because matchmaking is unfair. And because you cant earn alot of GP you will lose your rank. This NEEDS to be fixed!

Point Number 5: Bad hit detection with the Gnasher
The Gnasher still needs alot of work, its a good step having 8 bullets now but the hit detection is really inconsistent. I would hit my shots at the enemy player but it wouldnt register, this happends ALOT, Shots also dont register when you are nearly downed and you shoot someone. You can see the shotgun shells hit the enemy player but it wouldnt do anything. That really needs to be fixed.

And those are the key points to fixing this game. I hope this really gets fixed and we can play the game how it is intented to be played.

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