Gears 5 and my thoughts on it. (Spoilers)

I’ve been playing Gears 5 since the launch, First off let me say that The Coalition are trying to do their own thing but they are having missteps on the path to making this game a memorable game.

The campaign was pretty nice but the choice was awful, Us the player get to choose between JD or Del, when the coalition have been hyping up Kait and her connection the the locust queen heritage. You could of let us have a third option and let Kait go with the possessed Reyna and give JD and Del a solid reason to search for the nexus and try to rescue Kait while she goes to the process of turning into the locust queen. (If you want me to further explain this I’ll post somewhere else about that). Other than that the story was pretty solid.

The meat of this is the multiplayer aspect. So I’ma just dig in.
Map’s: 7 maps in total, but in Versus there is only a solid 3-4 maps, without the ones that were in gears 4. There should be 9 or 10 maps to begin with, Since You’ve had ample time to develop this game.

The Character Skins and Banners and Flags and Expressions : Are not behind the mechanics of the boxes anymore but either you grind through the tour of duty and medals or you buy alternate skins like the Lahni tribal skin. This implementation to me make’s it seem like you put this in for busy work so we wouldn’t realize how hollow the game truly is when it comes down to it. Little to no characters like Baird, Lizzie, Normal Cog Soldier, Jinn, Cole, Oscar, Paduk, Sam, Carmine for starters. Goes also for the Swarm side. But the funny thing is there is a lot of banners and different national flags put into this,Expressions aren’t bad but I wouldn’t want to pay $10 for a voice line expression when you know that this isn’t what Gears is about.
The Flags of different nations you have to buy iron to then with iron by your countries flag but the banners are unlocked through in-game grind. Why do it this way? The Blood splatter as a reward for a re-up is truly bad, Give us atleast 10 star’s for re-upping if you are not going to change the tour of duty.

Horde mode- I am going to praise the coalition on it, It is a fun mode, It’s pretty awesome I literally got shocked when I was fighting the swarm and a sire up and grabs me, Truly a hair raising experience when you are unaware of it’s presence. Thank You for letting us move around while the system tallies our scores. I enjoy the perks each character get’s but I think you are going to run out of ideas for the other characters you are going to input into the game later on. The death animations are top notch, Wish you would make a map with a much more closed corridors to make the matriarch a truly horrifying experience. Player’s either don’t care if your down or don’t bother to look at the bottom left corner that tells them that their team mate is in a pickle.

Escape - I am going to say a beautiful mode, since it is from a comic called Gears Hivebusters. Sadly You should either hire a good writer or artist to make the second, third, fourth and fith issue because player’s are tired of the same location. Escape I’m pretty sure is going to come out with new content as the comic progresses. Keegan is by far my favorite since He’s an old Onyx Guard, I can already see a alternate skin for him in escape. Lahni kaliso is also bad ■■■, and Mac is cool still waiting for the second issue though since he’s an important figure. It truly feels like a Left for Dead type of mode and I enjoy it. Good Job just damn you should advanced with the comic cause this mode could be truly something EPIC.
Versus- The XP needs a little more boost since I get barely any xp for it but in Horde or escape I level up pretty fast. More maps should be added pronto and skins as well since it’s pretty bare bone as of right now.

The Tour of Duty besides the implication of busy work collect 1,000,000 power in Horde or kill 9,000 enemies in general. It’s pretty bad, I know there is one person on these forums who has been justifying every little thing the coalition does some of these need a fix,It’s too much, You have three months we get it but playing as the same character over and over and over is not fun. It’s not fun having to see Scarred JD, Desert Kait, Desert Del so far from our reach, While we can’t play as any other familiar character that is in the game.

To the Coalition you can’t be serious about the micro-transactions over here in agrentina it’s 1,755 (Ar) pesos to buy Kait with a hoodie and weapon decals. Epic never did things like this, They made us level up but it was worth something when you did. why have a leveling system where it’s practically useless expressions, or banners or bloodsplatter. Rethink on your decisions you literally have a game that can sky rocket if you do things the right way. There is and always will be a difference between Epic and The Coalition but The Coalition actually has potential it’s how they execute it that matters.