Gears 5 and fatal graphics card error


I keep getting an error during games that my graphics card has encountered a fatal error and closes the game.

I have no issue with any other game and my card is a RTX 2070 running on Ultra .

I have updated to the latest graphics drivers also.


Hi, this is a known issue that will hopefully be resolved when Nvidia releases their gameready drivers on the 10th

I had this issue last night. Played fine the first time.
Then I had the error twice, on the third attempt it worked again…

Thanks for the responses, guess I’ll just wait for an update to my drivers.

Hi , i get the fatal error code too. I didn’t get it at the start but when i updated the nvidia drivers it started . The issue might be related to overlays. Right now It’s consistent and really annoying. People are messaging me like why am i leaving the match? Anyway love the game, hopefully this gets fixed.

this needs to get fix its so annoying.

I too get this error on my laptop. Eventually it will work, and it will run great too. I do not have this issue on my desktop though.