I purchased Gears 5 thru and did not seem to get the NCOG MARINE LANCER SKIN. Instead I see the Vector Lancer skin. Please advise and help make the necessary correction given these skins were specifically assigned. How do i get the right code or version as paid to The game pack only came with Terminator code card…


You would need to contact amzaon for this issue.

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Nevermind…disregard as I think i found it…thanks.

Hi lefty, where did you find your code in the end, did they email it to you?

I never got mine either, and I’ve contacted amazon about 3 times since the 6th. They have no clue what I’m talking about and keep giving me the damn tech test code…

Once they even told me to contact microsoft.

Has anyone actually gotten this code, and if so from where because I sure as hell haven’t and I’m sick of trying to talk to them.

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EXACTLY the same story here mate, gave me the tech test code.

When I explained what I actually needed, the NCOG skin. they just kept repeating themselves that I’ll get the tech test code soon, and not to worry.

Mayhem at Amazon customer service apparently.

I remember I got a game from them once, and to get the dlc code there was a place on the site to navigate to and you had to claim it on the amazon website. it was super weird and only happened once…wish I could remember what game it was so i could look up how to get to that part of the site again and see if it is sitting there…

Yeah the same thing happened to me with the Carmine Tattoo Weapon skin I pre ordered it from Walmart and never received the code how do I get the code anyone know?

Sorry man I can’t help you, I’m still no closer to getting my code either

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I you can redeem the code, let me know if it actually shows up in-game. I got the graffiti gnasher bundle and the Ice Kait skin and neither of them have showed up in-game and it’s been about a week now.

Any updates? Has anyone been able to receive their NCOG marine lancer skin promo code? I preordered the physical Ultimate Edition version and still haven’t received the promo code.

Amazon customer service is not helping :frowning:

That’s gonna be a “nope” from me, Amazon customer service are absolutely out of their minds sending out what they call ‘spare codes’ like there’s no tomorrow, which invariably end up being tech test codes. When you inform them of this, they apologise and say that the tech test will become available soon. I kinda find it funny at this point, it’s like something out of the UK tv show fonejacker, only in text form.

I received my code in an e mail about a day before I received my physical copy. I tried to put it in on both my console and Microsoft’s website but it says “Code not found. Try re-entering it. If that doesn’t work contact the merchant.” Not much help but I’m having the same issue, but have my code

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yes…indeed i got mine. my bad! hahaha.

but flashbang changes…dumb!!!