Gears 5: Amateur hour?

So i finally got to play the tech test today since i have not preordered and thus wasnt able to play the first round.
Before i played i already seen gameplay, read some forum discussions, and talked to a friend who had played it the first time around. So i had an idea of what it was going to be like. And i was skeptical.

Now that ive played it (both arcade and ranked). Im actually worried.

Generally, i find everything has been toned done. A lot.
Let me explain:

My biggest issue: Movement
Do gears 5 characters ■■■■ bricks for a living? Cause it seems they always have some stuck in their pants and socks. Movement (for me) is clunky and slow and i dont even wallbounce that much. So if i notice that it’s differnet; it is. it feels like the original gears 1 movement, clunky, slow, and awkward.
Characters not sliding into cover when prompted despite being right next to it.
Cover takes forever to climb over cover
Sticky sprinting: happens mostly after turning cover coners (usually into a gnasher) but also while roddie running.
Delays on movement and shooting after entering/exiting cover making wall bouncing a real chore and impossible in some circumstances.
Most of the time i find wallbouncing is a disadvantage because of said delays in the shooting and movement when doing it

First time i went to perfect reload a lancer i failed because i pressed RB too soon. I didnt even get a “good” reload. Just a atraight up fail. Call it me sucking or good muscle memory either way the bar moves way slower than in preivious gears.
Another thing is the mag sizes. The lancer is down to 30 shots per mag,
The gnasher has 6 shots. Why? I know they wanted to change the gnasher meta ( old habits die hard though) but why only 6 shots? Several times ive killed 2 people only to die to the third who walked in after i was done and out of ammo. Combine that with the painfully slow reload times there is no way to win in a pinch. In other gears is easy to wallbounce around, pop an active, and defend yourself. 2 shots isnt that much on paper but in reality it makes a hell of a differnece.
Instasplode grenades: Really? What happend to aiming and timing?

Downing and killing pop ups: sometimes i cant tell if i downed someone or not. I know it says on the kill feed but when im in the heat of a firefight i cant always look. Having the +50 come up like in past game would would be helpful.
Eliminations instead of kills: cause eveyone’s a winner even when their not. Though this kinda solves the kill steal problem it makes an participation award feeling that i dont like. Id be more proud to see myself with 50 kills that i got from skill rather that 80 eliminations that i got for dealing a bit of damage. (No joke a koth match i had every got like 60-80 eliminations. That would never happen in previous gears games).

Lastly, why do actives do barely any bonus damage? It takes me about the same amount of shots to kills someone whether i have it or not.

Miscellaneous gripes:
Obnouxious damage omen; Blocks side view ,peripherals, and distorts the contrast.
Kill cam: Looks like the guy who just killed me aimed for the wall to my right and i just so happened to have 1 pixal in his spread. Also the game doesnt show any movement of the person who killed you beyond ypur death. They just walk into walls. Also makes the game spazz sometimes when it finishes.
The death screen: Too busy. Blocks your view of whats going on, hard to read, and generally messy.
Gore: everyone explodes for no reason. It just seems cheap to have them fall apart because that means less variables in the animations and gibbed parts/bodies.
All the skins, emotes, etc: other than weapon skins this just seems like they’re going to pull a gears 4 and put all the cool stuff behind a “epic loot crate” or some crap like that. Looks like their just joining the mass customization trend of other titles.

Things i like:
Hit markers: nice addition
Gnasher pellet hit makers and more distinct pellet spatters/damage markers: helps a lot with aiming as you can now tell which pellets are hitting and are able to see them on the character model.
New weapons: fun to use
Timers on power weapons: again, helpful for planning team efforts and whatnot.
Swarm: the look more unique and less generic then in gears 4.
Announcers returning: i wonder if they’re in the campaing.

Overall, im skeptical. Ironiclly with all the focus on esports lately, it seems like they’re trying to draw in new and more causual players, i get that. They want to expand their player base. But like most games that do this, it seems they are willing to sacrifice the core experience and make odd design choices that it ends up alienating their dedicated players in the process. I know gears is hard to get into but once you do and practice it has some of the most rewarding gameplay of any game i know of. But it takes practice and paitence. Theres no point is dumbing down the.whole experience so a few people get a couple more kills in a match.
Personally, of they fix the movement to be like gears 4 50% of my issues would be solved. The core gameplay is still intact but it just got buried in odd design choices. However, other aspects have been consciously put in and decided on which makes me wonder who the real target for this game is.

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