Gears 5 already DEAD?

I finally found a TDM match at min 13:50 and it was a lobby full of +100ping
Yeah i’m from the EU but is the most played mode after KOTH, and i just reinstalled Gears 4 and i found a match in less than 2mins

So the game is totally broken or it’s already dead, tomorrow it’s coming CoD and i guess it will be dead for real.
Nice one TC


That would be the answer. I’m not having any issues in the US. EU people really got the shaft with this game.


Yeah i imagined it’s EU problems only, but two months after release of the game, it seems strange that the most played mode takes almost 15 minutes, it had never happened to me before in a Gears game.


I’m master in TDM and i find games almost instantly in USA…
EU is just messed up completely for you guys idk why

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Game has been dead. All bot lobbies. Just wait until tomorrow when cod releases.


Yup cuz bots play ranked


No, quitters and sweaty kids play ranked.



If I try and play on my own, the queue times are long. If I play with my American friends, I can generally find a game within 30 seconds, or a minute at most

I’m EU, play on a 20 ping and have no problems find g games, Pumpminball however takes so long to verify the match that the lobby screen burns into my plasma display. Oh and 98% gnasher hits, but that’s for a different thread


COD is going to have a big part to play in the Gears population dropping, it always does.

Dude I almost forgot COD drops tomorrow.

Thanks :blush:

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I think it is I keep playing the same people over and over again. and im in the US and been having server issues

I think it is sometimes it takes me 15min to find a match and im in the US Columbus Ohio. and when I do find a match its with the same people over and over again.

What server do you connect to?

I connect to the Us west one.

It’s crap. I’ve played games all over the world… sounds dumb but I have. West coast, central USA, east coast, Korea, Kuwait, etc.

Anyway, the best connection I’ve ever had and I mean ever was on the East coast.

To any game I’ve ever played.

usa is the only country that keeps this game alive compared too worldwide audience like cod
for me to play ranked i have to party up with someone from usa


the game don’t lets me select what servers I want to connect to so I don’t know what you are talking about

Im a EU player.
Can never find matches in execution.
Escelation, Guardian and Team deathmatch takes 3-4 minutes and it puts me on US servers.
Koth almost instantly 70% EU server but then its extremely laggy with screen freezes. 30% US servers with 100 ping.
Us servers the movement is better, but killing an opponent is harder. you need to think 1 second ahead. so shoot faster then you used to.
Pumpkin ball needs 2 minutes of match verification. aint nobody got time for that.

Gears 4 koth and 2 vs 2 works like a charm.
So im mixing things up. An hour of g5 and an hour of g4


This entire server situation is just a mess. Microsoft is one of the leaders in cloud computing, they need to step up and get involved because the server situation is going to put a bullet in this game in its infancy. There is no excusable reason why some people are getting matched in a minute and some people are getting matched in 10. The parent company is about to launch a global cloud gaming service, a game launched under their umbrella should never have had these kind of connection issues. They need to get their house in order.


Are you on PC?

I think he means what is your default server. Also if you connect to a VPN you can ‘choose’ your server that way.