Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store

Oh, I’ve no doubt about that. I know you genuinely like the game and that’s cool in my book. Was just trying to prove my point. :blush:

I honestly don’t care what people rate it tbh. Just concerned with what MS is doing atm.

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I have a whole list of things that I don’t like in the game, but when they unnecessarily “fixed” The Surge it really cemented my rating of 1 star. The closest comparison I can make to show why this is a big deal to me was my experience in GTA IV. I hated nearly every aspect of that game but loved Hangman’s Noose which I believe is comparable to what The Surge used to be. It was a nice ~ 2 min run and was just fun to rush to the end and crash land to victory in the baseball field doing the bare minimum to survive.

Only difference is Rockstar didn’t ruin the mode because it was being played and enjoyed the most.


So you gave the game 1 star because they added a slight challenge to a map that was previously a free win? Good example of a review that should he purged. :+1:

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Nope. Didn’t rate it on the Xbox Store, but I have rated it 1 star elsewhere because there is nothing I really enjoy about it. That escape map represented the last thing I really enjoyed in the game and since the change I have not signed back into Gears 5.

Baird almost got me to load the game back up, but then I was reminded that TC took the decidedly anti-consumer approach of not having the character unlock when a skin is bought so I decided against loading it back up.

It is interesting to see how much ■■■■ people will take though and still award a high amount of stars.

Disgusting for you but for many people, I include myself, this game deserves 1 star, and that for the campaign (which has a pathetic end), otherwise would deserve 0 stars.
I know people who can’t stand more than 2 or 3 games in a row, and that’s why it’s so frustrating: mobility, omen that doesn’t let you see anything, completely broken gnasher, magnetic bullets.

This is the only Gears where killing with the gnasher doesn’t leave you any satisfaction, and that’s a lot to say.

About what the game deserves 4 or 5 stars is ridiculous because, as mentioned above, it’s the same as putting him next to really good games, which is a long way from what this game is.

Poor judgment for rating the game negatively?
And then why not silence the positive criticisms too? those aren’t poor because it was “first day of school”?

And just as several negative critiques did not give much explanation of why they gave that rating, there are also several positive ratings with little or no explanation.
Those too should be erased, shouldn’t they?

You’re wrong, people are rating a game released to the market, it’s supposed to be a final version, so they have every right to give their opinion, whether good or bad, and they are free to give a short explanation of why they rated it that way.

Finally, for me a poor judgment is that given from fanaticism and not from a neutral and realistic position on a product (and I don’t say it for anyone in specific, I make the clarification.)


I am going to disagree with you. In theory I like the game the small percentage of time I am not fighting lag or inconsistent hit registration the game is good however it is not consistent. People who review bomb are pathetic but there is never not a circumstance that calls for a 1 star I feel gears 5 warrants a 1 star. That is my opinion but when a game causes more frustration and you fight design or bugs more so than the players in game that’s a pretty low score from me.

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If you give a game 1 star but keep coming back to it then it’s just hyperbole and the review should not be taken seriously.


I dont mean this in a trolling way but if you are a player of a game you should probably review that game 1-5. if you dont play the game then you should not review the game but if you do play the game you should be evaluating its quality on a 1-5 scale. Dosent mean if you feel its 1 star that should no longer play it means that the game is lower quality by your standards. I’ve given gears 5 a one star. I still play the game not frequently but I do play. Not a high quality experience it warrants lower end of the spectrum to me. I also am the type who will update the review if state of the game changes. It’s just a metric for those who do play. That’s why review bombing is dumb they are not playing they just want someone to “suffer” because they are unhappy.

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I admit I gave it a 1 star review when it got released I was very angry at Gears 5 and didn’t like the approach, however if you ask me now Ill put it a 3 star , since I think it has gotten better and Im actually having fun with the game.

a 5 star review for a gears game would have to be the same as GOW 3 to be honest man.

They’re gone because I hacked into the matrix and secured myself a position of power at Microsoft offices and decided that the game has been unfairly review bombed


Why people with less than 5 minutes of gameplay is allowed to “Give Score” a game?. This only promote “trolls” make multiple accounts to give a “0” as note and write horrendous reviews.

To be able to make a review you should past 3 chapter on the campaing + at least 4 hours on PvE online modes and 4 hours on PvP ranked modes.

Microsoft is so INNOCENT… Sony fanboys went to give 0 as note to pokemon sword - shield, to luigi mansion 3, to any game is not from Sony…

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TC is in Canada but microsoft is based in Seattle Washington. Seeing it’s being monetized through reviews in the Microsoft store; it may be a freedom of speech infringement case since microsoft is the one TC would have to go through to remove bad reviews.

TC shouldn’t own the Microsoft store reviews. And microsoft being U.S. based should be obligated to respect freedom of speech

Now unfortunately common practices in terms and agreement’s basically forces you to sacrifice these rights to use that companies service or product. This is usually done in wirless cellphone companies.

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Not 100% sure, but this may help clarify a few things. This pertains to the US specifically.


Ohhh this is interesting. Thanks =)

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Megalul + megarolleyes

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I dont like the game and i don’t play ranked.Why should i not be allowed to review


I dont care about your “opinion” if you havent put enough time on game.

Why i will take the “opinion” + “score” somebody that played 5 minutes uninstalled and talk trash about the game. no dude take your opinion and insert that deeply where you can on ur body

You realize I just don’t like ranked right?Go look at my achievements and stop being a ■■■■


Your opinion about other’s opinions is just that, an opinion, so why should we conform to what you deem an acceptable review or not? I think everyone who has purchased the game is entitled to a review, regardless of how they play the game.