Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store

That is a good point, and i probably should have mentioned users being able to amend their own reviews :slight_smile:

I was though thinking of the people that leave a review and don’t continue to play (or forget to update) and what line should be drawn on reviews that are from slightly to materially inaccurate.

Happy to see peoples thoughts :slight_smile:

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Well… Because of the ■■■■ first campaign I left a one star review in the Windows Store. I won’t change it until the TC remove that ■■■■ first campaign. :smirk:

That isn’t really the point of the discussion, the point is when a review becomes reasonable to be removed.

When it is too old. :innocent:

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I think MikelTheLastOne nails it. When they become too old, perhaps they’re purged. Or, a warning on the review page stating “some reviews may no longer be accurate or outdated” or something like that. I don’t think there’s a definitive answer. I do believe there should be a minimum character review though.

It won’t solve it, but things like good game, must buy, avoid, :+1:, :clap:, garbage, awesome, pish etc etc would be less common. I think players with nothing constructive to say, would be discouraged if they had to think about composing a, let’s say a minimum of 50 to 150 character review.

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On a related note to your previous points I was looking at purchasing an airfryer today

For reference:

I noticed that only 3/185 were under 4 stars (out of 5 max) and was curious as to the reasons given by the few people who gave it a mediocre to poor review

  • The 3 star only mentions that it isn’t a completely different type of product - In my view this is a rubbish review and should be purged

  • The 2 star review praises the product, recommends it and makes no bad points, and ranked it 5/5 for quality and value. -In my view this is utter nonsense, it is almost as if the reviewer hit the wrong amount of stars. In this case, should the review be deleted or amended?

  • The 1 Star review complained that the product was DOA, and fair enough in my view.

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$100 bucks off mate! BARGAIN.

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It is also cheaper than that in other places the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know mate… Myer is a rip off. Their 20% off is everyone’s usual price.

Sorry to go off topic.

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I agree. But I cannot support or denounce the reviews as I don’t know the product. However, there is the option where you can say whether you found the review helpful, yes or no.

Xbox do the same thing, and you can report them, but the report option is limited to offensive and two other options on Xbox. Perhaps an option to expand on why you found it helpful or not.

Either way, the frier reviews are reviews imo. Not just, buy, avoid, dung, don’t buy etc. I think the review process can always be improved, I just wonder if Microsoft think it’s worth investing more in.