Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store

You seriously don’t see an issue with one version only showing 3 days worth of reviews without changing the default view while the other version shows over 2 months worth without changing the default view? Ok, whatever.

Maybe you can shed some light on this then. What do the 2K for Ultimate and 145K for standard mean? Also, note the ~3.5 stars for Ultimate.

But when I go into Ultimate, I see 51K and ~4.5 stars, but 4,986 total reviews.

Standard is even weirder. I see 2,113 beside the star rating instead of 145K. But 4,454 reviews even though the star rating number here is only 2,113.

Hopefully I’m not missing some other filter that is on by default.


Hey everyone -

Just so you know, we flagged this to our partners at Xbox and the Store Team late last year when this thread first popped up (though it’s vacation time around the holidays for many hence the lack of movement).

Speaking from The Coalition’s standpoint, we haven’t removed - and actually don’t have the capability to remove - any reviews from the Store (nor would we ever want to). Our partners on the Xbox side have confirmed the same situation for them.

Both sides have flagged this to the Store team to look into so we can find out the cause / reasoning behind it. Once we have any information, we’ll let you know what’s going on here.


Thank you for the heads-up on the matter. Please keep us updated.

Thanks Octus. Those mis-matched numbers and different filter effects definitely show something is not right. The who, what, and how is a mystery, hence the speculation.

One thing I’d like to pass along @TC_Octus for possible troubleshooting, I notice the standard edition’s short description mentions the Free For All update. Maybe updating that description triggered something to cause the reviews and numbers to display differently? Perhaps another similar update occured to the Ultimate Edition back around October 30?

Personally, I was forced to give it 1 star because I broke my toe on my coffee table while downloading on release day and also my car was towed. Additionally, my gf cheated on me bc I was spending all of my time on Gears and I was fired from my job for using company time to browse the forums, which I would never have done had the game not been released.


Thank you. It’s good to know this is getting attention, it looks very suspicious as it stands. I’m all for removing spam reviews, both good and bad, but when all the one and two star reviews are there and it shows zero percent it looks dodgy and gives the ratings no integrity imho.

There’s no point even acknowledging that he even exists, should ignore anything to do with him. Don’t think there is a single person on this forum that can stand the guy. If I’ve ever seen a TC bootlicker its him, either that or a troll to the maximum.


LuL not everyone has the pulse of the people.

I think my friend @Mark36111 stands in a spectrum where he thinks the game its great and works… however @SYKoner I’m on the spectrum that we all deserve a better game from what Gears 5 have offered us .


I completely agree with you @D_A_N_III_3_L.
I remember posting somewhere ages ago about the decline of the game in comparison to 1 and 2, sales and review wise from a proper article. How Gears 1 was one of the all time best sellers but since Cliffy left and then the game changed hands to TC the numbers fell hugely. It was hugely apparent that TC was failing when they had to sell out to Microsoft.


Gears 5 its so broken that even the execs didn’t want to put " OF WAR " on the title, that’s the only thing I agree with the TOP EXECUTIVES AT TC… the game really doesnt deserve such title as it is right now…

I really hope @SYKoner that Gears 6 could be taken to another developer who really has heart into creating a kick ■■■ GOW game my friend.


@D_A_N_III_3_L I really hope they do it justice after seeing the backlash from this game, but preferably it gets handed over to someone else. I just want to enjoy it as much as I used to back in the days of 1 - 2 when I used to play competitive and 3. I got the Xbox specifically for the release of Gears 1, the game was life lol. I couldn’t unglue myself from the game and now I find myself only wanting to play other games because its just lack luster. Still love the campaign story but it shouldnt be just 1 thing, should be the whole game.

Lmao just read this guys comment…im guessing the majority of us are all toxic aholes…your spot on dude…theres a reason more are complaining than praising…this AAA release🤣

This thread has run its course, I will be closing it.

They have also done this with gears 4 which is probably still broken agter 4 years!

Ok here’s my review then, and I’ve played it since the beta test constantly. It’s a ■■■■■■ ■■■ wanna be gears that IS gears but not worthy to be part of the main gears saga. Even gears judgement was better than gears 5, and gears judgement was really bad. Ever since the last update, they have been shoving the BLM movement down our throats with out even asking if we want to see what they are doing for them. Personally I don’t care what they are doing for the BLM movement, considering that we see it EVERYWHERE, I’ve been constantly fighting against lag bc my ping now is at 1000+ for no reason I just played it yesterday and had a very low ping so no lag. I got kicked out of every game I played on gears tonight for no reason. Plus originally they promised to not do pay to win, or add micro transactions,. AND to do like gears 1-3 with character unlock on multiplayer, level up, unlock a character. Plus horde got messed up, they removed guardian matches, and never put beast mode back in, I loved that on gears 4. I’ve made it past chapter 3 in campaign and probably put in well over 1000+ hours via escape, quick match, AND ranked matches. And I’ve been a fan of gears since gears of war 1. And I give the game a 0/5. (0/10 via your scoring)


Censorship of peoples voices government or not isn’t right.

Depends on the content of the review. Some of the vile comments need to be removed imo. But it needs to be fair and the reviews need to be better, both good and bad. There has to be a structure. Things like great game or bad game are not reviews and both should be removed inho.

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On a similar note how should reviews be dealt with when they contain material information that is no longer accurate, like if the review predominantly complains of bugs of that no longer exist, or a lack of content that is later dropped in (such as more maps, horde frenzy, 2v2).

Live service games with different operations muddy the waters even further as it can drastically alter the content and nature of the game. @GuiltyCrisis for example had the mode he loved most altered in a way that no longer suits him, so if he had written a positive review praising how Gears 5 played, that review would no longer be accurate.


That’s why we are able to edit our reviews imo. I often review a game and then edit it if something changed. For example, I think I gave Witcher 3 a 3 star rating and favourable review, but warned about the bugs.

That was edited to a 4 and I updated to a 5 when the Blood and Wine DLC dropped. I think the Microsoft store should remove review that are no longer accurate, especially after a few months where considerable change may have occurred.

That goes for both good and bad reviews.