Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store

And delusions of grandeur suits you very well.

I agree except for the “delusions of” part.

Sorry, it’s a package. Either take it all or none at all.

That’s where you’re wrong. A Gears 5 celebrity™ doesn’t have to put up with the false dichotomies of commoners.

What you said doesn’t make any sense. For it to be a false dichotomy, delusions and grandeur would then need to be entirely connected. A dichotomy is a difference or perceived difference between 2 opposing “things”. Whether they be tangible. Ideas. Thoughts. What have you. But the idea behind a dichotomy is that the 2 things being studied are different. So for you to call a delusion and grandeur a false dichotomy, means you think the 2 are the same. Which they aren’t. And you’re also creating an inherent contradiction within the statements themselves. You said you don’t agree with the delusion part. But then refer to the statement as a false dichotomy. Therefor stating that the dichotomy is false, and the relativity is true. Which then loops back around to you saying you don’t agree with the delusion part…

You created this idiotic paradox of words that I don’t think even you know what the hell you were saying.

Pro tip, don’t drive drunk, and don’t try to use big boy words that you don’t know how to use in the proper contexts.

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LuL you typed all that and didn’t even realize that the false dichotomy was between “all or none at all”; not “delusion and grandeur.” I guess it’s too much to expect a non-Gears 5 Celebrity™ to keep up.

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Sure. It’s easy enough for you to pretend like you were talking about something else. That’s fine. But to be clear, let’s assume you were talking about all or none at all. Your statement still doesn’t work. It’s still wrong. Completely wrong.

I’m sure you’ll identify as something else tomorrow. Maybe you’ll go language-fluid next, or make up some catchy term. Like your whole Gears 5 celebrity nonsense. And what’s with the trademark logo at the end? You do realize that simply putting TM at the end of a word doesn’t trademark it… right?

Can we get back on topic here?

There was a purge of every review on January 3 or 4 for the standard edition of Gears 5. Unless you want to believe that not one single person wrote a review for it in the first four months since the game’s release.

On the otherhand, the Ultimate Edition had a similar purge on October 29 or 30.


The only thing that interests us about what you say is that it makes us laugh.
Apart from that, your opinion, biased and clouded, is taken for what it is: of someone completely unknown.

You are wrong, not only have many aspects not been fixed but others are felt to have worsened.
Naturally it’s something you can’t see.

I think it’s unacceptable that the reviews were purged. I can understand them removing toxic comments with no feedback but not genuine reviews. The review system needs a review, having a minimum amount of words for example. Reviews stating “great game” or “this game sucks” are not good enough imo.

Even though you are being rude to me, let me help you out here.

Either/Or Reasoning: (also False Dilemma, All or Nothing Thinking; False Dichotomy, Black/White Fallacy, False Binary): A fallacy of logos that falsely offers only two possible options even though a broad range of possible alternatives, variations and combinations are always readily available.

This is #FakeNews. The screen grabs below are from this morning.

From the standard edition:

From the Ultimate Edition:

In total, there are 1,083 1-star reviews you can scroll through for the standard edition and 1,324 for the Ultimate Edition. Something has maybe changed in terms of the displayed overall review scores (perhaps they’re based on recent reviews only?), but there is no evidence of a mass suppression of 1-star reviews.

Here we are going all the way back to launch.

Those cropped down images do not prove they were taken today. Here is what I see as of today, January 7th: 125 total reviews, when sorted by date, the most recent is from January 7, and review 121 of 125 is from January 4. Oldest is also January 4, but hard to get a screenshot showing it is 125 of 125 and still sorted by date.

That is a grand total of 125 reviews. I see this from my phone and computers, both when signed out of MS Store and when signed in.

Filter by: All reviews :+1:

Interesting. So you’re saying that sorting by Most Recent and Most Recent is why I’m only seeing reviews since January 4 for the standard edition? Ok, then explain why for the Ultimate Edition, when also sorted by Most Recent and Most Recent I see this:

Same parameters, yet totally different range of results. Even if selecting All Reviews does show them all, it does not change the fact that old reviews are hidden to reduce the number of reviews that are easily accessible.

Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about with all these pictures. All I can say is that the older reviews are still there if you put in the correct search filter. “All reviews” gets you all the existing reviews including the older ones. You’ll need to talk to whoever programs the review interface of the Microsoft store if you want additional details.

LuL they aren’t hidden. The most recent reviews are most relevant to consumers considering purchasing the game, so those are featured by default. Anyone who wishes to read the older reviews can easily do so.

I have no clue who he is either.