Gears 5 all negative reviews deleted on xbox store

Microsoft is deleting/muting all negative reviews of gears 5 on xbox store. It is now showing gears 5 as 4.6 out of 5 stars when it was previously 2.5 stars.

This is obviously a desperate act to try and get some christmas sales. I for one am disgusted with this and want to bring it to everyone’s attention.


That is a disgusting business practice. it’s cool they want sales and all, what company doesn’t, but you take the good with the bad and reviews are the last line of defense that most consumers have.


Repressing and censoring user criticism is the lowest a company can fall.
It is nefarious, very unethical and demonstrates the null respect that this one has for the client.

How glad I am not to have spent a single dollar on this garbage… and if there was any possibility of doing so, it has vanished completely.
I will inform people I know in other forums and social networks related to Gears what MS is doing.
Shame on you.


We should reviewbomb the game because of this behavior. Pathetic.

But this encourages me to give this trash game a negative review in the MS Store, too.


I personally think giving 1 or 2 stars is disgusting as well. Don’t like something? Imma give it 1 star. Even though the rest of the game works and is great.


Silencing reviews is disgusting but is also breaking freedom to speech. Surely something can be done against the company within the US for something like that? Might seem stupid of me asking that. But if they keep doing it maybe bring it to the attention of gaming reviewing websites so they can splatter the internet with articles about the disgusting practice.


I am with you as per being against removing poor reviews.

Freedom of speech in the US applies to Government Censorship. TC is not the American Government. So unfortunately you are off the mark here.


Thats fair enough, just getting the exact explanation there,

But since that the case the only option would be to make sure the right sources know about it, assuming they dont already know.

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I truly believe it deserves 1 star though.


You have your opinion. I have mine.


After all the problems the game has had/having still, if someone wants to put 1-2 stars then it’s fair game. The game hasn’t lived up to their expectations. What is your score on the game regardless?


I gave it a 5. I don’t play a LOT of games. But the ones I do, I usually am satisfied anyway.


This forum whines that Gears 5 population is too low, then simultaneously whines when MS cleans its store page of fake/exaggerated reviews that are probably turning people away from the game. If I had 1 iron for every time this board contradicted itself, I’d be able to afford everything in the store.


Me personally would give it a 4 because of the campaign. Although boring on the skiff and they could’ve added a chase scene or two on it, the campaign was really enjoyable for me. I’m not into Escape much and I am not a fan of Horde but will to try it again. I’m not much an MP guy but I will have to do the FFA for the Krampus skin because that is by far the best skin in the game right now IMO.


What if people genuinely think it’s a 1-2 star. Sorry to say this, but people need to stop crying because somebody gave the game they like a low score.

Personally, I didn’t review it, but once I got whim that they were deleting low scores, you bet your .ss I gave it a 1 star. Personally though, I’d give this game a 2.5 as it stands now.


This has been said before, but if you are playing the game every week and give it a low score, the problem is with the person scoring and not the game.

The game is far from perfect, yet it’s the go to game each night. That’s 4 or 5 right there. I can’t think of a single game without glaring issues.


It’s poor business practice though and the only reason it didn’t blow up is because most of the gaming community doesn’t give a eff about Gears. If this was a more popular franchise, I’d bet my left nut you’d be hearing about this everywhere on YouTube and social media…

Truly disgusting.


It’s like asking a child, how they liked school on their first day. Out of 10, they may say 0. Poor judgment. That’s literally what I believe players have done to ruin the reviews. I would have thought it deserved anywhere around 4 to 5 stars.

Sometimes, you see 1 stars and they give very little to no description why. Are they here to sabotage the reviews or poor judgment?

Someone who wants to play Gears 5 for Campaign may look at reviews and see it’s overall 2.5. But little may they know, most of the complaints may be from the Store and MP side. “The Campaign is so bad, it’s worth 2.5 stars??” No, they’re mislead.


I gotta disagree.

You don’t know whether or not the person that gave it a 1-2 star genuinely believes it deserves it.

Think of the people who can’t find a match to save their own life. Think of the people who have yet to complete SP, three months in, because of game breaking bugs. Think of the people who are purchasing iron yet they don’t appear in their accounts even weeks after purchase and TC isn’t around to help out.

Are you going to tell me that they should rate the game 4-5 stars? Nah bruh, people do have legitimate concerns with the game that forces them to rate it low.

And I can say the same thing in reverse as in the people that rate it 4-5 stars are just rating it as such to offset the low scores, acting like children themselves. Giving it a 5 means you’re putting it up to par with masterpieces like RDR2, Ocarina of Time and FF7, which sounds even more absurd imo.

EDIT: added some more stuff to the post.


I get what you’re saying. When I reviewed the score, I didn’t have offsetting or countering low score in mind. Just whether I was satisfied with the product in general. I mostly play Horde and Escape. Campaign was okay. Not much of Versus. I don’t complain much either and Store seems fine to me.

I would say that people who aren’t happy may give lower scores. Meanwhile, those that don’t have much problems would give higher scores.

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