Gears 5 all in all

I have never made a post on here but I just wanted to speak my mind and see if any of you guys agree with me. I strongly agree with IGN that the campaign is 8.8 so far it’s been amazing and a blast. Escape is okay I’ve only played a couple of games and it seems bland to me. Multiplayer… now before I begin my rant I get that this is an early access so idk what will change … I am Re-up 1 and I have a few issues with the multiplayer. Escalation is actually stupid, haven’t even played it since the beta because of how dumb they made it. Weapon tuning is so wack, lancer is in an okay spot I guess, I have been hittting point blank gnasher shots which grant me the amazing 90-99% shot range, the movement feels slow and restricted compared to gears 4 but it’s not THAT bad just something to point out, and the flashbangs are kind of ridiculous… I get that they wanted to add strategy by making the smoke and flash but no one uses smokes… no one lol. I love gears of war and I understand all of the server issues I was patient. I will most likely continue to play this game throughout the year but I want changes. With that being said I also understand why so many people are pissed about game modes, ■■■■■■ servers, no xp, money systems, tour of duty, and any other issues. I think the best way to sum up everything I said is by saying I feel like I’m playing a beta… thank you for reading this if you made it to the end & to the coalition I still love you guys please try and relate to us.

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