Gears 5 added to Game With Gold + XBL Gold Price Increase (MS has reverted price increase after backlash)

Hopefully this means an influx of players to play with. I’m just wondering if the next step is making Versus MP Free-to-Play across all platforms. Xbox, Win10, Steam.

Kind of a bummer for console players facing a XBL Gold price hike though.

Yay, even more leeches in pub-lobbies…

Just realized; this is most likely part of the reason why they postponed Chrome Steels until next month. Always reassuring that TC would rather pander to new players rather than loyal filth.

Wait so is the price raise happening or not? Just read the article it says it’s not and as a plus FTP are to be unlocked.

Yeah, that’s changed since yesterday. When I read it, it clearly stated a price increase.

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They’ve backtracked on that Gold price increase hard, it was quite a large price increase of 100% as well which for something that already costs $60/£50 a year is absurd. I don’t know who signed off on that price increase but whoever did clearly didn’t know their audience or their competitors very well.

So that means I’m going to have to be wary in public lobbies in February, can’t wait for re-up 0 level 12 people coming into master lobbies with their level 2 Striker. That experience is more likely to drive people away rather than play.

I also can’t wait for the copious amount of people that will complain on “enter platform of choice” about how their Boomshot or their Tri-Shot doesn’t work on a Horde daily. Or the Ultra Power Drain modifier.


I would put these things in my public lobby name ie “explosive damage reduced 90%” and still get people come in and try to spam boomshot


Microsoft could make the game permanently free outwith Gamepass and it’d still not help. TC have made too many ridiculous mistakes.


Given so many games are like 90% online nowadays, it seems shameful and disgusting for MS to even consider increasing the price of XBL.

Gotta get those people hooked on their subscription pass. I really don’t see any other reason why they would try to pull this off. Thankfully there is at least some players still holding them to standards.

But the statement accompanying the revert of the choice? Pure PR BS if you ask me.

It was then that Microsoft realized that they’re not supposed to make arrogant business decisions until AFTER they’ve overtaken the competition.

Good they reversed the decision early.

It was about damn time.

I guest farmer Bill will have to use his own money now.

Love how passive aggressive MS is with their “apologies”.

Well to be fair, I don’t believe Nelson is the official spokesperson for Xbox, and it seems it’s not an official statement but an offhand remark by Nelson.

Who I imagine has been getting a fair amount of the abusive backlash from the news as he’s one of the biggest faces in Xbox.

The “angst and anxiety” response wasn’t better. It was just slightly, slightly less aggressive. You can definitely taste the salt in all these responses and I’m sure they’re already working on a way to screw their customs over in a different way.