Gears 5 - Achievements for campaign are not fixed

So I checked the status recently back at the end of September and the achievement issues were said to have been fixed based on the status website. That was a lie. I beat the campaign on solo on insane with a rating of every act on insane. Final boss defeated included and nothing. It still says that the progress is at 86 percent. Coalition and Microsoft, this issue is not fixed. So fix it.


I beat the campaign on Insane Solo, got all the collectibles and upgrades for Jack. At the end of the game, it gave me all the achievements EXCEPT for “Discovered The True Threat To Sera”, which is complete all Acts on any difficulty. For some reason, I am stuck at 93% even though I have a checkmark for completing all acts on Insane. How can the game give me the achievement for beating the campaign but also tell me I haven’t completed all the Acts? @TC_Octus

I am having the same problem went back through the campaign on a lower difficulty just for jack upgrades, collectibles, and relic weapons. It now shows I have all of the components and all of the collectibles but still haven’t beaten the game despite beating the entire game on insane solo and playing again on a lower difficulty. The campaign achievements being broken are making me too disappointed to grind multiplayer.

I’ve picked up all the collectibles, including Jacks and the relic weapons… yet it still doesn’t show I have them all.

None of those achievements have popped either and I’m not playing that boring tedious campaign again.

This still hasn’t been fixed, been like this for a while now even though its been mentioned the stats should eventually catch up and update your achievements , after completing campaign on insane even now mine still showing as 66%

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I’m still missing my ultimate upgrades achievement for Jack. I’m not expecting it to be fixed any more.

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Same here still haven’t got my achievement 5 weeks later

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Aaaaand the #1 way to lose playerbase issss…

Same here. Progression stuck at 60something %, although I finished the campaign, achievements and collectibles missing.
I still can’t believe they solved the issue by just stating “it has been fixed” although it evidently certainly is not.
But judging by their post they are done with the issue. Sucks for us

You guys may have to replay the campaign chapters that are “incomplete” in your stats page for the achievements to unlock. It said I never played acts 3 and 4, so I replayed them and got the achievements.

I’m one and know at least one other where in game progress shows everything correctly, but no achievement.

Collectibles and all jacked up not unlocking here. Also had to replay campaign to get that one to pop.

TBH they don’t really care at this point. It’s clear they think of the community to be a bunch crybabys asking for this that etc. So they just make false statements to shut some of us up. This game is a complete waste of money .

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Submitted a ticket also. No response to this issue. TC says “we’re learning as we go”. Yeah, whatever. I’ve seen better.

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All chapters are showing as complete on insane, been through them all to check several times in case I missed any, only thing is to do the whole campaign again which I am no way going to do, just another bug in this game that is not going to go away.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully they fix it for you guys.

I still don’t have the achievement for completing the campaign and I’m not doing my insane playthrough till it is fixed.

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Seems to be the norm for AAA games nowadays. Yeah, every gears game I try to play I go for insane completion. But because of this I’m being discouraged.

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Yeah it’s not worth it. I keep finding bugs too. It’s a shame because I do like this game, they did not handle it well.

How is this ■■■■ still not fixed ?. I refuse to turn this pos game on and waste my time replaying that boring ■■■ campaign “that I already beat” again. Incompetent pos.