Gears 5... A tragedy

Welp… Gears 5 is a failure… but maybe in the future things will get better right? For starters give us back curb stomping you silly goose… and second… I had a really cool idea… You guys remember the specter swarm? well how bout this time you make em look like that sexy jet black color “Known as black steel” but on their skin… rather than their armor… and make their armor white or something… if you did that… that would both be refreshing and sexy… but also I wouldn’t have to walk around the map looking like a sexually transmitted disease. anybody agree? XD

What’s that? You like Chrome Steel better than black steel? “Said no man ever”

Pft… This game… All I can say to describe it, is WTF…

I want Black steel armored Kantus :frowning: Cries I had such better looking ■■■■ in Gears 4 and could curb stomp my foes with my big ■■■ kantus foot :frowning: NOOO!!! WHY COALITION?!!! WHY?!!!

This game reminds me so much a judgement… it’s come back from the dead guys… NO PUN INTENDED.