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Gears 5, a shell of gears of war

GoW 2 was my favourite,followed closely by GoW 1.
The biggest problem for me is that Coalition said they will recapture the horror feeling of first Gears with 4,but they did exact opposite.
Even Phil Spencer as i remember said he wants Gears to go back to how it was in first!

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I work in customer service and heres the deal. If people like something they’ll tell a friend or 2. If people dislike something they will voice their opinion EVERYWHERE they can .

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It was gonna be a lot like GOW4 i knew this right away so im not surprise. Now ill admit like you my favorite MP Gears is GOW1 UE on Xbox One. Its all of what i loved about GOW1 minus the negatives (host advantage, bugs, getting out of maps , crabwalk)

I had the most fun with that game, even if the “rank” modes where not optimal (couldn’t play all modes in rank)

The gameplay was simple but effective. GOW has been going the “hollywood sequel” route with every installement, always bigger, more weapons, more option, but the reality is, the first one is often better cause its simplier/more fun.

At least before 3 and 4 we had Judgment and UE, 2 Gears with way different style, so when 4 released it felt a bit new again (reminded me of 3, but it had been a while since 3). But going into Gears 5 i have an impression of receiving a big patch for GOW4 and just continuing my play of that game… It does not feel new or different in its core gameplay.

Completely agree, I don’t keep up with the forums and news as much as I used to, I complained about that aspect a lot back in the day. This game really does miss that horror/realistic/serious/gory element it used to have, very cartoonish but that’s what I expect as UE aside, it’s had that cartoon art style since 2011 (GoW 3)

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I think most games go in that direction now though, I’m 24 & started playing GoW 1 in early 2007 a few months after release, I think all of us that started back then are typically older/ more mature and prefer that old school gameplay & look.

The games these days are made for kids, and by no means is that just Gears Of War it’s the same with almost everything on the market, appealing to as many people as possible, everything is just a cash grab now, back in the early days there was more passion and a lot more focus on the actual game, a big part of that is that multiplayer gaming was in it’s infancy which is what made it so good it was just new & simple, now they’re always trying to find new ways to be bigger and better and more whacky which sucks.


Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll ever get another multiplayer experience like Gears 1 again since its inclusion and popularity was pretty much a complete accident.

Epic hated how popular the Gnasher was and spent the rest of their time with the franchise adding feature after feature in an attempt to kill that playstyle. TC seems to be following this approach as well and I understand why. At the end of the day they’re a business and it’s in their best interest to appeal to as many players as possible.

Dude the Gnasher is epic in Gears 5.

Personally, I preferred the slower TTK in the Gears 4 Comp tuning but I don’t think I’m the target audience for this game.

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This is absolute nonsense you’re spewing out.

The tech test people have played, is basically what is coming on release date. Bar the usual minor changes.

I have never played any demo, beta, tech test that has ever been radically different to what is released.

The majority of people who played Gears from day one, do not even play the game/series anymore.

I stopped playing Gears 4 nearly two years ago now. Anything after Gears 3 was stripped down and all the stuff that made it good, was taken away, nerfed etc.

I actually think Gears 5 is worse than Gears 4 and that the OP is correct, when its not actually Gears of War anymore.


Thinking the same. I didn’t enjoy arcade, but I am waiting to see the other modes that are available before I make a decision. Koth was ok. I do notice how much more smoother it is to play 4 compared to this test. So hopefully it gets better by release.

The game it a hot mess! Just terrible! Too slow like a turtle!

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Holy chit that made me laugh way too hard.

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That’s not 100% true with TC and they said it in a dev stream. They said they want all weapons to shine

You obviously have no intelligent reply to give, because that would be too much for your tiny little brain to handle.

Genuinely curious to why 2 was your preffered over 1? I’m honestly the complete oposite, so would be interested in your take! :slight_smile:

Gears 2 vibes with the maps and art style were :100:

It’s unbelievable how Gears 3 is somehow the golden standard now. Almost all the fans of Gears 1 and 2 were appalled at a lot of the decision made in Gears 3. It makes me wonder if a lot of the original fans just aren’t around anymore, or if people have a serious case of rose-colored glasses syndrome.

Maybe over time a lot of the frustrations have been forgotten but i definitely remember my friends and a lot of the community i knew of thought the game was a complete joke. Seeing all this Gears 3 love i feel like it is my responsibility to be honest and remind people how poorly Gears 3 was received at the time,

Either way, i thought Gears 4 was leaps and bounds better than Gears 3. Even if they didn’t get everything right i do believe TC made a good effort to respect us fans. Epic on the other hand really had no respect for their fans whatsoever when it came to Gears 3. At that time they were the greediest and most arrogant company out there. say what you will about TC but i do believe they had a genuine interest in making sure the fans felt like their opinion mattered.


Post your feedback in this thread.

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