Gears 5/6 Map Editor

Now while I don’t expect anything like this for Gears 5, I think adding a map editor could be a pretty cool idea! Maybe something we could see in 6?

Gears first had a ‘seudo map editor’ in the Gears 1 PC version. However, it was fairly complex in its design. What I’m thinking is more along the lines of a Halo Forge meets Far Cry Map Editor, where it’s streamlined, but you’re still able to make some amazing maps out of it. You could even implement scripting a la DOOM.

Where it could be more interesting, is where TC could then turn around and take maps that have a high rating among the community and integrate them into map rotations. Obviously this would be more for the social playlists, but would add a bit of extra variety and spice to the same ol’ maps we always see and play. I love Gridlock and all, but it would be nice to see something new, and what better than to have the community involved as well!

What are your thoughts?


Definitely dig the potential involved with this idea…one can hope TC might take it into consideration

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Imagine the new maps that will come out of it, I am all into this!