Gears 5/6 and coins

So what do you think should happen to all players who have a ton of coins stacked up because you have nothing left to buy?

I think we should get at least 10% towards whatever type of cosmetic system they have in place for the next title


We should get nothing in the next game.


I agree with Kotes.


You dont think you should get anything???

Did we stutter?

Only unlock type stuff I like is a small amount due to having achievements in previous games.

Otherwise should be unlocked by actually playing the new game.

PS check your discord for cat spam.


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Judging off the Gears 5 launch you could have 2 million coins and they’d be worthless because there wouldn’t be anything to spend them on.


I thought Red got a girlfriend and moved to a third world country without internet?


Honestly, probably not, but I think the Coalition in particular has taken away the immediacy of future games to secure content.

I still have coins in Gears 4 I need to spend. Open some packs and pray it’s……wait. I have all the content.

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Just the second bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


More like life got in the way. Just started getting back on.

@Bleeding_Pepper as always


:joy: Brilliant.

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Anyway, I agree we shouldn’t get anything…

Other than all Bernie skins immediately unlocked and all Kait skins locked from launch behind unrealistic requirements.


I would rather cancel the currency system, but it has its advantages.

I mean TC just shifting the focus on these features (Voice acting, skins, action) , using the coins to do shopping instead of quality of gaming.

I prefer quality of gaming rather than other types of “features” that “stupid people” admire those coins feature, no wonder you pay your “extreme effort” for the coins to buy your favorite things, but neglecting the quality of game itself. To me, it is meaningless.

Shortly saying:Those coins is not the motivation for me to play the cosmetic game.

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Hi mate :+1:
I think that could work, probably have a different system by then though. I would love a “Road to Gears 6” once it is confirmed , that was a good system in 4… Some good legacy awards maybe ?


Content transfer between 4 and 5 would have made more sense than between 5 and 6 since 4 and 5 run on the same engine.

Coin transfer is less interesting in general, although I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I’ve got nearly 7 million credits in Gears 4 that are doing nothing. Even an extremely tiny fraction of that being able to be transferred to 6 would save a lot of grinding.

I am a bit tired of having to regrind for effectively the same content. I prefer long term platforms over new iterations every 2-4 years. We’ve reached a point where until a game sequel is long enough after the previous iteration that it’ll be released on a new engine (like I said, Gears 6 gets more of a pass than I give 5 due to this reason), we don’t need sequels.

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Also agree with Koty and Ghost. The only things that should carry over are:

  1. Rewards for previous game achievements (like in Gears 2 and 3 we got a skin for beating Gears 1, but content itself did not carry over).
  2. Any challenges in Gears 5 specifically created to unlock content in Gears 6. We had this at the end of Gears 4 to build hype and maintain the player base before Gears 5 rolled out. I thought it was a good idea and brought some people back who wanted to earn a few things early in Gears 6. Wasn’t required, just some cosmetics for fun.

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It must be super exhausting being negative 24/7.

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You got the whole squad laughing dude :woozy_face: