Gears 5, 5TB hard drive

Does anyone know, especially someone at TC how to purchase this item? I’ve been looking for the 5TB version of the Gears 5 hard drive, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Those who do have it, which I’ve only seen it twice, want $500 or more for it. If someone from TC can answer this, that would be great. Thanks.

It is a GameStop exclusive to my knowledge.

$150 USD

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Correct. But it’s not even an option to purchase. It’s been unavailable since the drive was launched.

I’ll swing in one day and ask. You are correct. It can’t be ordered yet from the website

It can’t be ordered yet you say. But then how is it possible that a select few have them?

Best guess is they specially ordered from a GameStop. I asked about one weeks ago. They didn’t pull it up in the system, but did offer to order it. Have you asked in person?


Ice Block Skins Info
The 2TB comes with 1 weapon skin
The 5TB Gamestop only comes with 3 weapon skin
The Limited Edition Console comes with all 18 weapon skins

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I did ask. No one seems to know anything about it unfortunately.

I’ll check my local tomorrow. Maybe someone that owns one will chime in.

Sounds good. Yeah that may shed some light. Thanks.

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I own one 5TB Gears 5

Where did you get it? I’ve been wanting to get one. Thanks.


I figured. But online or in store no one has one or can get one, so just was wondering. Thanks.