GEARS 5(2vs2 Gnasher Returning?)

With the possible comning of a map maker option for vs at some point,what would you make if you where going to do your own 2vs2 gnasher map?If this map maker doesn’t end up comning to vs do you think any of the new maps could be blocked of into smaller 2vs2 gnasher maps?

Map maker will be coming for horde/vs

I thought was but wasn’t sure with the way things have been going lately.Well lets hope TC put some extra time into testing it,the last thing they need is another reason for players to complain.

TC has stated that it will come out in the future. When? That we’re not sure about.

Also the only other thing we know is that you wont be able to get XP, ribbons or achievements on custom maps.

Get canals back and carmine. This game isn’t Gears of War anymore that’s why it’s just called Gears.