Gears 4 won't install on anything but C: since last patch, halp?

Getting some issues re-installing gears on my Win10 PC, worked fine before but the last patch broke my install, it was no longer the correct install size and wouldn’t boot (gears 4 logo splash then crash to desktop), yet the windows store showed my game as up to date.

After following every ding dang trick I could find on the net on this subject (wsreset.exe, reset from the app config menu, download minesweeper, sacrifice a virgin chicken to the blood gods) I followed the last resort fix which was uninstalling and redownloading the whole thing, effectively prohibiting me to watch any ■■■■ for the rest of the month.

But now it won’t download because Gears 4 will not follow my default windows app install folder and instead demands to be installed on my 120gb SSD on which Win10 is located; and it seems there’s no way to force it to install on my other drives, where it could download thrice over and still have a ton of leg room.

I don’t remember it being this hard to install, why does it have to be this hard, I just wanna roleplay a large man in his underpants sporting a manbun and kill some locust people without prejudice.

Somebody help, I’m slowly getting addicted to minesweeper.

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I had this happen before. You have to make sure the game is fully uninstalled first. The install files may still be on the original install drive. Right click on the Gear 4 app and click uninstall from Windows Start menu. Also, check in the windows store and uninstall the game. After that, you should be able to select other drives to install the game. I will give more details later.


Have a great day!

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there’s no sign of gears of war being installed anywhere. Tried downloading again, getting the grey install button from the store still, getting “something happened at our end” trying to download from library, that’s the only game that does that, can uninstall and reinstall minesweeper perfectly, I guess that’s proof that minesweeper is a superior game?

Did you check the start menu or Programs and features in the Control panel to see if you can uninstall it there? It is possible your having issues with the drive gears was originally installed on. Check and make sure the drive is active and working.


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I’ve looked everywhere, theres no sign of it ever existing, the folder from the start menu is gone, so is the entry in the programs. Also the drive works fine, this browser is installed on it, and so are all my other games and they all works perfectly dandy.

Thanks a lot for trying to help btw!

You welcome! I will provide more details later to help you!


Have a great day

OK so I went through the whole process again:
checked if it was installed, it is not.
went to the store configs, did a reset from there as well
wsreset.exe again
rebooted again
tried installing from the library, got a popup for 1.5s saying there wasnt enough room on C: then “something happened on our end”

I have no idea what else to try :frowning: