Gears 4 Vs 5, an excellent evolution

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Now I know I’m basically the counter culture (at least last I checked, it was still cool to hate this game) but after seeing plenty of hate on TC for this, I finally decided to give my piece, which no one asked for.

As someone who held a distaste for Gears 4, I’ll admit I walked in expecting to hate 5. JD was dull as dishwater, Del was just, a whole new level of shut the hell up, and I think we can mostly agree Kait wasn’t exactly an interesting character. The story itself I was unimpressed by, perhaps because of characters, perhaps because it felt too… Pointless, a story that didn’t need to be told.

In contrast, the Gears 5 story (even when not paired with the accompanying book) actually tells an enjoyable story (if only it didn’t delete my act 3 progress toward the end) with some enjoyable highlights, Matriarchs anyone? The free roam ish aspect (I guess miniature hub between missions?) Was sort of enjoyable but did lead to some glitching (I recall one trying to help a Nomad who bugged out). The ending was satisfying enough and set up for a third game that we can only hope will actually end it (I love the series but like Halo, it’s time to finish it). To point out Gears 4, Kait becomes an actually interesting character, JD, while still dull, is at least somewhat sensible, Del is… Look I enjoyed my ending. And while I disagree with some points of the story (like Lizzie not going out the other door, which there was time!) They at least tried a hell of a lot harder this time. And even put out an enjoyable if kind of short dlc.

Horde, which I’d deeply hoped to enjoy as I did in 3, was an absolute pain in the neck. Not a scout? Good luck building. Not an engineer? Well here’s nearly impractical prices for someone alone (which if you aren’t a scout you don’t get the double energy deposit benefits if you ran that skill.) Not a soldier? Welcome back to Gears 2 Horde pain (let’s admit it, it was a pain by wave 41.) I think there was a sniper class but I never played it. Oh there was also the demo class, which again, never played. Playing with randoms was the usual dice roll, often times I was stuck as the scout cause no one else can do their ■■■■■■■ jobs!

Horde, in 5 by contrast, I actually view as quite enjoyable, and still a challenge. Any class is viable alone (except maybe Jack, never felt like trying it), and the idea of building by yourself is actually entertainable (I would know, I love Sentry guns and Infiltrator.) Meanwhile they’ve also (at some point) added in the Lambent (who give me horrid nightmares back to Lambent Wretches from Gears 1 on Insane with their explosive power) and the Locust (as in, the Locust, ya know) and they actually fight each other, leading to some enjoyable fights between a juvie and a drone. As someone who played day 1, I can honestly say that it’s a more enjoyable experience now.

Escape, well Gears 4 didn’t have it, thank God, but Escape is, escape, it gets boring like anything else, but still maintains an enjoyable experience with friends or when wanting to challenge yourself. Although it’s been updated well and given some tlc, it could still use a touch more, a good bit more. Perhaps a different version where we play as Swarm who attack settlements, or something.

Multiplayer in 4 was… Well an utter disaster like I view all Gears multiplayer. Yes, I’m that guy. While managing Onyx and Gold most times I played, I find the Gnasher wall bounce fighting to be a bore.

Gears 5 multiplayer I won’t say much, cause I’ve avoided it. Played in the beta, played when it came out, played a match or two in the tenth week of Op 7, and it’s the same ■■■■, different number

Maps, well, the newer maps are nice, remakes are always just that (I’ll admit I’m happy to see Blood Drive and River back), and compared to 4, there’s pretty much nothing to say, same ■■■■, new number.

Overview, while Gears 5 is far from perfect, it’s become an enjoyable experience on par with 3 (at least by a PvE experience and standard). The campaign while not as being enjoyable as the original trilogy (let’s pretend Judgement doesn’t exist), is at least a good effort to make a set of questionable characters into an enjoyable new squad. Horde mode has seen massive improvements for a solo player or two to three man squads. Escape could still use further touching up, perhaps even a Swarm/Locust counter (Beast Mode comeback anyone?) But overall is enjoyable. Multiplayer seems to have remained the same, what a surprise.

So now I’m curious, as op 7 comes to it’s end, beyond bugs or glitches, what is everyone’s real gripes now? I know Gnasher hit detection was a complaint (but, I’ve never found it to be too good), and I seem to recall server issues was another complaint (I can still feel this in horde alone), but what’s everyone’s opinions now? Is it finally acceptable to say 5 is better than 4?

Note, I chose to skip over the tour of duty versus loot box system (yes I know originally we had a sort of loot box thing on 5) because really it’s just a bad thing to compare because of differences in how it works

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*sees the post

To the point please

Gears 4 versus comp warmup tuning is far superior to anything Gears 5 has had.

Gears 5 in my opinion, and I’ve played 5 since launch, has only excelled in pve and gone back in pvp.

Pves great, it’s a solid step up from 4 and all of the classes offered have different play styles for everyone.

The maps are solid, I have big issues with rehashing the same old epic games maps as I would rather play tc maps but still good new maps.

Pvp is garbage. The competitive mode as a whole is bad. It baffles me how we had gears 4s ranking system which felt perfect compared to what we have now. I felt like I played people on my level in. If TC wouldve recreated the ranked system from 4 and plopped it into 5 along side the comp 4 tuning. 5 wouldve been perfect. With the obvious new weapon tunings here and there like (the removal of actives, great new thing btw).

The campaign is better than 5s but act III brings it down immensely. Also Lizzie dying and the choice, the choice is just too soon. If we were to have made that choice in 6 where our heros are more evolved, I wouldn’t be as mad.

Well I can’t argue because, well to me it all feels the same, so that would be fruitless on my end. But what of everything else? Horde, story, so on so forth, hell I’ll even say maps but honestly, they’re kinda just doing the CoD thing of let’s just of remakes, people love that

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I would rather take versus comp warmup over the tuning we have now.

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The choice I could argue, I was just happy to not have to hear someone for the rest of my campaign. As for ranking, ehh? Still seems finicky in both games, I’ve had amazing streaks in 4 but had come out with an odd rank, and as for 5 as mentioned, mostly avoided it, I can’t see how it could’ve gotten worse. But does a lack of PvP excelling really damn the game that much?

Yes. Because I’m a pvp player. How would you feel if pve felt the exact same as 4?

Pvp is a big selling point for me. I am a gears nerd but I have always invested more time into multi because that is what continues to make me play the franchise, besides keeping up with the serans.

Gears 5 horde is waaaaaaaaay better.

I like both campaigns for 4 and 5. But Hivebusters is better than both of them. I really like the direction of the story. I dont quite understand the hate for Kait. She has like 1 or 2 cringy lines but why does that ruin a character.

Escape was the best mode in Gears 5 but they killed it.

Well I can see the point but has it really not gotten any better since launch? Plus I mean, I will admit bias as I believe PvP needs to be left to games like Battlefield and so on, so perhaps it’s coming from ignorance.

Yeah that’s where we differ lol.

Not really. I mean new guns and new maps and some new modes. Good stuff but that doesnt matter if the tuning and movement is awful.

Well movement I could question, the wall bouncing seems fairly similar between 4 and 5 in my eyes as for running and basic movement seems like very little has changed, tuning wise, I don’t know much I’ll admit, wish my Lancer was more viable.

Another positive, Lancers perfect in 5. They nailed that.

I mean you can still bounce but I still dislike it. I wish it were more like 4.

Alright but can you explain what is different? Is it some sort of roll recovery? Is it stickiness to the wall? I’m not trying to disprove you or do a gotcha, I’m genuinely just trying to figure out what’s going on with the community

If you were on lurking on the forums you would know the tuning changed in op 5. More delays like shooting out of roadie running. There is a general slow down in running. Weapon swap speeds and much more. I cant remember but I do know I had a blast playing in early op 5 and that all changed later on.

Well I can only lurk so much and half the time it just divolved into insults. Well my question would be is it in an effort to change the norm for Gears? Push people to actually use a lancer in comp instead of in your face shotgun tactics? Believe me I love the idea of taking a 12G and blowing someone apart but, when there’s only two guns I can think of that have that capability, it kind of turns into H5, use the Magnum or don’t play, it kind of makes it unfun for anyone who doesn’t have the skill, or desire to play in such a way

It’s still gears, your tool kit is still being used. I just dont like how the tool kit feels is all.

I can still down with my lancer, use my snub to soften them up. Use my gnasher, etc. And push for power weapons if I can.

We should have access back to the hammerburst and enforcer so there is some weapon variety but maybe for 6.

I can agree with your assessment of needing the Hammer and Enforcer, as for the tool kit maybe I just haven’t played enough Comp to see people using more than wall bounce and gnash, which is how Gears has always seemed to me, from 1 to 5 (excluding Judgement and 3 as I didn’t play them online). Also I thank you for your time and explaining, as most people tend to call me a ■■■■■■

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I am agree with lot of the things you said, i think Escape was a good addition but the community didnt play it too much that at the end they just left it.
We have a way better story than halo 5 (yikes)

PvP for me, gears 5 has one of the best gameplays (i would probably take out magnetism and hit markers on competitive for more skill gap), Nostalgia tends to blind people. Going back to the clunky movement will sink the game definitely.

I think the game lacked innovation in PvP maybe a big team battle (7v7 taking as example that we have 14 ffa) maybe experimenting with vehicles inside the game. (guess it was also due to the limitations on the engine gears is a really heavy game)