Gears 4 still plays solid, great way to escape gears 5

After taking advice from a friend I ditched 5 and reinstalled gears 4. I played it today and wow, what a difference, this game was enjoyable and actually worked. Gears 4 wasn’t perfect but gears 5 makes it look like a masterpiece. Anyone else been back to gears 4?


Yes I am playing 5 story and then everything else I play on 4 currently, especially horde :slight_smile:
I would play 3 but 4 has more people from what I can tell.


I stuck with 4 since I knew gears 5 was going to suck. That being said I will be taking a break from 4 for know.

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It’s so much easier to focus in a Gnasher battle when the entire screen doesn’t go red

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Man… the omen is like 1/100th of the screen on 4.

On 5, it is the screen.

I played some Hill on Friday, noticed we still can’t vote on a map, also ping is high more often than not now. WTF, did they ever bother explaining about the choice of maps being removed,not via here obviously but maybe on their beloved twatter.

I have been playing some 5 horde, I just can’t enjoy it as much as 4.
The duplicate class/character bs just puts me off playing…
I really have no idea how the scoreboard works in horde either, in my last match as jack I did nothing in one wave and got mvp…