Gears 4 skins crossover to Gears 5?

Just wondering but do you think TC would allows crossover of Skins to Gears 5?

Already a thread about this. Do a search and you will find it. Why would TC do this anyway? There wouldn’t be many skins to unlock then and gamers here will complain about that as well.


Yeah I figured as much. Though if they’d be pressured from skins turning up from Gears 4 then they’d most likely be looking to simply recreate the skins which isn’t much new content of itself anyway. I just wanted some ground to base something off of.

I figure most skins will make a return. In all 3 games skins were same

Probably, just wondering due to Blacksteels.

they’ll sell those all over again. according to them it funds the esport side of things

The best outcome is a few skins carry over, some legacy skins, loads of skins for completing challenges or achievments and then milk the esports people dry. They deserve it, its like £70 for 10 esport packs, any fool who would pay that deserves to be taken advantage of.