Gears 4 skin carry over to Gears 5?

So as we know many of us have spent hundreds and possibly thousands on micro transactions on gow4 to support esports but mainly for the Black Steel character variants. Through a business stand point this probably won’t happen but my wish is that it’s possible to use these characters in gow5.

It’s almost 100% positive all the previous characters will come back in the multiplayer from gears 4 as the models are already made and because any gears head loves them. Now seeing as GOW5 will have esports again there will be new characters made and i’m sure we will have to buy them again to support their business and esports scene.

That being said maybe we can pay a fee to carry over characters that we have from gears 4? Maybe they can make entirely different cool looking esports skins for gears 5 separate from GOW4 ones? for example gears 5 esports skins could be animated like onyx black liquid waves and such kinda like how GOW J had the animated armours too.

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I think paying to transfer content shouldn’t happen. I’d rather just ditch the card system. Keep all the characters we have, then make Gears 5 a good ole’ level-up system again.


The reason why that won’t happen is because every single game from 2012 and i mean every single game, uses micro transactions to make money now. This is why we will never have the level up thing again. Unfortunate but yeah.

It may not be as easy as people assume. As I said on another thread, whime its easier to port content between U real engine 4s than it is between Unrel Engines 3z, its still not a walk in the park.

Let me ask you this, woud you rather have fresh and new content as much as possible or do you want legacy content with some new content.

It would probably be fine if they had a dedicated team responsible for porting content ovrr to the next game but they dont.

Also prioritising legacy content over new content is a disaster waiting to happen. This will likely lead to some features being cut from the game.

I have mentioned a few times in various threads that I think it is highly likely we will get some (repeat some) Level and landmark specific unlocks as well as loot boxes.
This way it will seem TC are listening and hearing what we are saying, while allowing them to continue to raise revenue post release. We have a huge rosta of characters, skins so could have 20+ “free” with no impact on the current system.
On that front I do think it will be improved for 5

I think it TC do bring back old skins - the exact same ones - you shouldn’t have to do anything to get them if you already had them.

However - is it easy to implement a system like this?

Who knows - especially with season rewards taking so long.

So I’d rather they focus on new characters first and save old stuff for later down the road …

TC and Microsoft wont benefit from this money wise ,so never gonna happen

Yeah, your fee will be to regain those characters like how you originally got them.

I doubt they will simply transfer characters over.

I’d rather a completely new eSports skins.
Gears 3 could let you port over Gears 2 Golden Skins, like Golden Hammy and Lancer into Gears 3.
So I don’t see why it couldn’t happen with Black Steel, from Gears 4 to 5.
But not sure if there’s much point to.

Honestly, I would be happy if we got certain skins via level-unlocks (Clayton, Classic, Armored)

Then got special skins via packs: (Luchador, Mechanic, Navy, BS, Thrasball) so that special skins can get through packs. But the basic character can be unlocked via leveling.


Since many people have both spent money and grinded credits to get characters in this game, it will be interesting to see if people will do the same again for similar content (assuming nothing transfers).

I’m sure they will change the look of each character slightly, but is that really enough? If it feels exactly like gears 4 redux, I think we’ll see major burnout.

Except it wasn’t really carried over, you just unlocked it in 3 if you had it in 2.

I highly doubt skins will carry over. Itll be a new start on gow 5

As much as I would LOVE for this to happen due to the fact that I’ve spent a lot of money on gears 4, it surely isn’t happening, it makes no sense from M$ and TC’s point of view and it would just take resources above the ones already needed for GOW5 to make this happen, so yeah, we’re not getting any black Steel favorites in our inventories on the next game, we will have gears 4 to come back to whenever we want though (at least I hope so, I guess they won’t shut down it’s servers the day Gears 5 comes out lol)

yo, I just had an idea. If the black steels are carried over. They should be unlocked theough level progress. They should track who is our favorite and thats who we unlock at level 100. I feel this is rite because so much money is spent to get a certin character. Especially if they were in a pack where a character wasn’t guaranteed.