Gears 4 Server Issues Again Tonight - Started: 23/06/18 ~11pm BST

What error you got? I’m getting “lobby dissolved”

It said I got kicked from the party/game, but when I went to check my friend list, they all lagged out too. Nothing to do with lobby dissolving or anything. Just randomly dropped in the middle of an horde match.

I will just post in this thread. But this right here is something that would make me reconsider ever wanting to buy Gears 5. Especially given the issues I have had with past Gears. 1-2-3 I chalked up to the 360 and stuff. Gears 4 is servers and on a powerful enough machine to handle stuff. Honestly, I played Fortnite on my Switch and had less issues. Here is something I cannot stand though:

  1. Disconnect from match
  2. Nice to be offered reconnect. Was winning, had won round one, and we were almost done with round 2. The game reloads which takes longer than other games that do this. And, get this, it had kicked out more than just me and my party member. It had kicked almost all. Well, it puts me back in with NO SCORE and ON THE LOSING TEAM.
  3. It loaded my party mate back in as well separate. And just as you would guess. Right were he was with his score on the winning team. Just in time for them to win. I killed a few right after getting back in and then lagged to death. Literally downed a player but the lag did not tell me at first and then died to an enemy that was not there.

Just no sure how something like that happens. If you load back in it should be on the same team. If you cannot figure it out ask one of the many other devs. that can.

I would hope that this stuff would have been fixed. Very, very low confidence in Gears 5. Not sure if it is a day one or, more likely, a $10 bin close out early in it’s life.

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Also, we were both suspended for 15 minutes. Just went to try and play again and we both had 4 minutes left on suspension. Come on. This is embarrassingly bad. I love Gears but WOW.

Just had “Bigelowe” and “Sera” errors back to back after getting dropped from a 2v2 gnasher lobby.

GG tc

Yeah the servers are complete poop… Big piles of poop…

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Sounds like I stopped playing at the right time then. Sorry you guys got screwed.

I’m down for trying it again tomorrow. Hopefully the servers will be better…

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Horde lost our scout on wave 28 but he stayed in the party. Couldn’t pause a private lobby and he was unable to re-join after 2 attempts so we quit after wave 30. Joined a separate party with some of my friends and they have similar issues with horde. So much for cancelling those weekend plans, the servers are in absolute shambles tonight.

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Servers are just as bad as they were last weekend. The solution is pretty obvious; more of the azure cloud services need to be allocated to Gears 4 during these events. Stop being cheap SOBs.


What we need here is some Reparations. Real deal reparations. No bs 5x XP next week either. We need some crates and characters handed back to the community. This is not okay


They’ll cheap out on the servers, but god forbid they’ll ever give us a deal on anything credit related in the game.

I’m getting so annoyed with these constant ridiculous server problems and infuriated by the fact that TC thinks they’re running fine and refuses to allocate more servers.

It’s such BS and a disgrace

Yep this is bs

Kicked out two games and can’t load with friends

What was TC response to the servers having issues last week. “We found the issue and have fixed it”. More evidence why they should NOT be doing gaming! Since the so called upgrade to the servers a year ago the problems have gotten much worse. Unbelievable! Must be nice to get paid and not be able to do your job!


i finished a horde match only to find out i’d gained nothing as well for 50 waves so they really should reward us something for the lost credits and exp i cant even host a private match atm

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yeah dream on…

Is this the match I was going to join but it filled up? If so, even though I feel bad it happened, I’m glad I wasn’t in there. I had a disconnect during Horde last week on Wave 16 so I don’t want to deal with that again.

Obviously, this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways: Doing a limited time event for skins and 5XP is no excuse to allow the game to crash for so many players.

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Yea it’s bad lol

Servers is horrendous

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Yes sir, this is the one you were going to join but we had 5 people already. Guess you got lucky! Ahha. That’s why im seriously asking TC if I should wait until 5xp is over before doing anymore horde. I can deal with the occasional versus match drop, but not when I already have a lot of time invested in horde, especially on ironman where we’d have to start all over to try again.