Gears 4 Server Issues Again Tonight - Started: 23/06/18 ~11pm BST

Anyone else having some server issues?

Seems to have gone all slow and glitchy in the menus with a few errors?

Just started in the last 10-15 mins.

Also crashing a lot when “Creating Lobby” - just takes a long time to create or just backs out…


I sure hope not… if they allowed the servers to mess up once again during 5XP it’ll be a failure and only make me feel stronger that these events aren’t worth it if those that play daily can’t enjoy it because of an XP addict.

It’s just gone terrible, played two matches fine and now, all of a sudden, having matchmaking issues like last Sunday - not as bad yet - but similar.

Also, tried a private and first time ever the game froze on me and had to dashboard.

Yes, it feels exactly like last weekend right now and I’m sitting here wondering why this always happens when I want to play.

This endless loop of finding a match and the lobby dissolving is beyond annoying.

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Yep - getting the same thing.

Matchmaking - finds players and creating lobby very quick but doesn’t progress from there - stays there for like a good 2-4 minutes and then lobby dissolves :-1:


Please @the-coalition, just make 2XP permanent and forget about this 5XP nonsense from now on. These limited time events bring out those who don’t even play anymore just so they can get some meaningless XP which results in those that have supported your game for years not being able to play without major issues. If your network infrastructure can’t handle the load of players that’ll show up you either need to activate more servers to help with the congestion or avoid doing anything that can cause this. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the issue is 5XP because the issue continues to show up each time you’ve offered it this month.


Exactly this - it happened last weekend and it’s happened again.

I can tell it’s like last Sunday because even trying to navigate the menus is taking forever - with extended wait times for “Donaloding Playlists” and “Please Wait” boxes lasting a long time rather than being instant.

Once matchmaking starts, I’ve sat in a 20 minute menu finding players and then Creating Lobby - dissvolving - Finding Players - Creating Lobby - Dissolving.

I was with a team and we have all given up now after so long - rebooted and restarted matchmaking and still doesn’t work.

I doubt this will get fixed for tomorrow if the issues still go on.

I can also see about 15-20 people on my friends list all sat in the main menu of gears too so looks like they are all affected.

I wanted to do some Horde today but remember last week when it disconnected me, the host, on Wave 16? I’m not about to risk that happening again and keep in mind I never lose connection so it’s obviously a server issue. Between long load times on every menu to disconnections this game is doing one of the main things it shouldn’t and that’s creating unnecessary issues.

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Yeah, imagine getting to Wave 40-49 and getting that disconnect :confused:

Sucks right!

I was ready to get a few games in and try to get closer to Onyx 3 but nope :-1:

Been working for me for the last 30 minutes. Might have just been a hiccup.

No luck again today. went through almost an hour waiting for a match because lobbies kept dissolving and kicking us back to the main menu. The last straw was when i got a 15 min penalty for no reason, again, like last weekend. these “developers” are pure trash and honestly don’t give a rats a$$ about the community. Continued problems week after week is getting old. No gears 5 for me.


Same here and also got suspended from somebody quitting becore the match started. Awesome tonight!

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Yes 0 XP gain and 0 credits earned!

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I don’t know if it was Server(s), but I had “Downloading Playlist” and other in-game menu actions taking slow when trying to set up Private Versus.
That was an hour or two ago, but works fine now.

I had this too but gave up after 20-30 minutes of nothing working.

Maybe a surge in players crippled the servers again but people left and it began to work again?

I don’t know but it doesn’t bode well for Sunday peak times …

Many issues for me too. Lobby disconnects, in one win in tdm I got 0xp and credits, my last match just dropped me to main menu after the first round…

Yep. Been having similar issues to the last time today…

It just happened to me. At the beginning of the match I was kicked to the main screen and now I’m banned for 15 mins! Please do something! The weekend is my only free time to play!

I just got kicked out of a horde game at wave 8. Plus I got kicked out 3 games in a row in versus earlier today. This bs needs to stop now!

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My whole team just got lagged out (returned to main menu with an error) on horde today at wave 22. First time its happened to me, and frustrating because I was going for my last ironman achievement. Should I wait until the 5xp is over?