Gears 4 Secret story related achievement perma locked

WARNING if you’re an achievement hunter don’t play campaign on PC first time.

however if it’s to late for you, you probably didn’t get the following achievements

And You Said We Couldn’t Fly
As If Snatchers Weren’t Bad Enough
Betty’s My Kind of Girl
Broadcast This!
Looks Like an Elevator to Hell
One Hell of an Exhibit
Raiding is what Outsiders Do
Still Not Ironic
Warriors, Kings….Wizards.
and 2 others have been reported to not work like welcome home and the one for killing the final boss.

Even if you play the game on xbox after playing on PC they still do not unlock you have perma locked them.

I have had to remake this thread since TC swept all the gears 4 stuff away but the issue still persists.

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Wouldn’t hurt try try a support ticket at

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old comment “Should i file it under gears pop or Gears 5? im guessing 5”
nevermind i found the section i need, thanks!

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Yeah it has a Gears 4 section :slight_smile:

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So then im replying again…
“This has been sent up to the team for review. No further details at the moment as they are focused on Gears 5, but it is on their radar.” That was TC`s last reply to me on 2nd may 2019.
Still missing these secret achievements. RIP

EDIT: Im not so sure if only pc is the problem here. I created a 2nd /new account on pc and i could unlock one of those “perma-locked” achievements. I think its the combination of old account and playing campaign for first time on pc.

it seems to be random but being on PC increases the chances the reason i don’t know two of the secret achievements names welcome home and the other one because i did unlock those on PC somehow.

having the same problem. I wonder if the achievements perma locked because of the hardware used when playing the game, or was it for playing an Xbox One / PC game for the first time right after switching from Xbox 360?

link to send in your own support ticket. i encourage anyone who has the issue to make their own ticket so its somewhat harder to ignore the issue.


I got a reply from support,

“The team rolled out a few server-side deployments over the course of Early Access to assist with connection, stability, stats, and collectibles; this may have also impacted achievements. Our team is rolling out a progression catch-up to all those impacted - you should see your account updated once this completes towards the end of the week.”

I guess they misunderstood that I’m not talking about Gears 5, but Gears of War 4. Maybe they just want nothing to do with 4 now lol

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got the exact same reply, sadly they must have mass replied to everyone who mentioned “achievement”. basically replied with a This is not a gears 5 issue.

I was about to send a DM to the Coalition on Twitter in regards to this issue, but it seems they turned off direct messages. Wonderful…

i got a message back from support. putting you in my message Tails395 doing a large list of everything i’ve tried and other users affected.

That’s good, making progress on getting this issue (hopefully) resolved.

did you hear back from them at all? been 11 days for me

nope, the last response i got from them was the message about Gears 5 Achievements being glitched.

It’s a shame we still don’t have an answer even after all these months

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same, i haven’t heard back since my first response.

i have the same issue

unfortunatly i don’t think they care. waited 2 months with no response yet to my ticket guess they will leave gears 4 to rot like they have done gear:ULT win10 edition.

Yeah it’s widely known that support site is just a placebo. I’ve only ever heard of one or two tickets actually being answered lol.

Twitter is technically the best way to reach them but not guaranteed either.