Gears 4 ranking system is broken?

I have played since last week in gears 4 and won my matchs and only low rank, i was diamond i now im gold, it seems that it only counts the defeats, and im not the only one that happens, the problem started when they supposedly fixed ranges in gears 5.
Algo sucede con el sistema de rangos de gears 4, al parecer solo bajas incluso aunque ganes, era rango diamante y ahora soy oro, me han bajado solo por perder 1 entre 5 partidas que he jugado aunque haya siempre gano mvp, y no soy al único al que le sucede, el problema empezó hace dos semanas aproximadamente, ya no subes, solo bajas de rango.


It’s the same with me.
Gears 5 rank problems were transferred to Gears 4 and have screwed up the ranks.
I went from Diamond 4 to Onyx 1 for losing a few games (not consecutive), and when I win and I’m MVP it doesn’t count at all.

By the way, I suggest you translate your entire post otherwise you will close it.

Yeah this seems to be the case. Had a Diamond 5 buddy go down to gold 3 and trying to climb higher in any diamond tier or even lower ranks just doesn’t do anything. It’s Gears 4 too so there will be no fix and from what I’ve heard they’ll be shutting ranked down in Jan.

I had this before gears 5 came out I was diamond 2 on the way to 3 and suddenly it was only downwards.only defeats counted but no victories

i want to know what happened

Guessing early sabotage so more players would roll onto 5. Except people are still rolling g4 ranked even through the ‘broken’ (fully working) system. Says a lot about 5.

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Judging from what TC pulled in the past, it’s not outrageous. Gears 5’s numbers are dropping rapidly and it’s not even a year into it’s release. And considering a large portion of people are still playing Gears 4 or have gone back to Gears 4? It’s entirely feasible, especially as they are removing ranked from 4 in January.

There is an entire thread on this already.

There is no evidence that (a) Gears 5’s player count is dropping rapidly, or (b) a large portion of people are playing GOW4. These are made-up narratives that haters on this forum have chosen to believe because it fits their worldview. In fact, the reason GOW4’s ranking system no longer works is probably due to the fact that nobody plays it anymore. You need a robust player base to rank against one another for ranks to be accurate, and that no longer exists in GOW4 because people are playing the superior game (i.e., Gears 5).

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I see you are one of those people. No, Gears 4 ranking system does not work full stop. Percentage is not counted except losing percentage. This is Diamonds against Diamonds (Including myself) D5 went down to silver 2 against Onyx and above. There is plenty of evidence to suggest the decline of Gears 5’s population, see the forums or Steam charts or even the numerous threads regarding search times across the board. And from most people I’ve talked to including the largescale posts of people claiming they are going back to four (even AliceInChainsaw is on 4) it’s easy to see that people prefer it over Gears 5. Gears 5 is not the superior game, it’s not even close to being superior.

Sorry to burst your delusional bubble.

Evidence is everywhere if you choose to look which you will not. I and many others shall be playing 4 and below.

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If all that’s left in GOW4 is a few people who were previously diamonds, that thin slice has to be redistributed into lower tiers. Ranks are relative. Not everyone can be diamond.

Steam charts, forum threads, and “people claiming”…Like I said, no real evidence.

My intelligence suggests that you’re incorrect.


And you have evidence to the contrary?
The game is falling daily in the lists of the most played Xbox in practically all the world (even in Mexico, which has been the one that has held the most), and in Steam does not even reach 600 players. And that just went through a 50% discount.

And that Gears 5 is “a superior game” is a brutal foolishness.
Gears 5 is a more boring game, less dynamic, with a very poor gameplay.
Suffice it to say that, by far, it has the worst shotgun not only of Gears but of any game.

That you like it is fine, but the evidence that it is a decadent game is everywhere: forums, social networks, statistics.
Although you don’t want to see it, it is undeniable and irrefutable that this game is on the way to die in a short time.

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Gears 4 ranked no longer works correctly.

You cannot move up, period. This problem began about a month ago now.

I tested on a smurf account using a gold 1. I can win countless games against high tier diamonds and remain in place, lose once and drop percentage.

If you’re in diamond tier and lose once, you drop a full tier. You cannot regain percentage no matter how much you win as MVP. (don’t matter if you’re gold or diamond 5… Down is the only direction)

This isn’t a matter of player base dropping because the problem occurred almost over night.

This is what forced me over to 5 which I play very, very sparingly. I played gears 4 ranked, regularly, up until this issue started 3 weeks to a month ago. I 've created threads on the topic as well.

( I still play social in 4 as I find the game itself more fun). Coincidentally I find social matches almost always full instead of bots… Which wasn’t the case when ranked was working.

I can’t speculate with any certainty as to what happened… Neither can TC. Clevens himself wasn’t even aware that map voting in ranked no longer worked. He claimed that was impossible without a title update… Which he says hasn’t happened that he knows of. So it wouldn’t be shocking that rank ‘broke’ and they just don’t know it or care if they do.

I personally do not enjoy gears 5 but I will play occasionally with friends.

My experience coincides with what @Aquiles_WARS, @MxR_Bouncy and @Strxkes_Ng have all said in this thread in regard to ranked movement.

My money is on gears 5 ranking algorithm is using gears 4 rank as a sandbox to test / modify things before releasing into 5.
You can only model so much.


That’s what we suspected for a while. (as in perhaps winning would move you downward instead of upward as gears 5 moves 100% to top 1%)

Alas, this wasn’t the case, at least not on the surface. If it were then wins would drop your rank and losses would move you upward.

In the current state - As long as you win (as MVP) you will remain in place. You will never rise. A loss will drop you no matter what (even though mvp used to leave you in place as well).

The definitive proof that something has gone awry is the evidence from smurf tests. No way 5 or 6 wins in a row (with an mvp booster) versus diamond ranked players should leave a gold 1 tiered player without any movement.

If player base were the excuse then this should absolutely move the gold 1 tiered player up in rank as without a doubt the diamond players lost a tier on that match.

Ultimately, I agree that either something was tinkered with or something just flat out broke.

Anyone making claims other than that is being foolish.

The system must have broken semi recently though, I played during Oct 28th - Nov 4th in which time I managed to rank an alt up to Diamond (This one) where I played sparingly 1D21H. So it must’ve been around that time frame that it just decided to up and out.

I tried after that on another Alt account which I held a 4.0 KD in ranked, wouldn’t budge for crap. I was hoping to grab a few Diamond skins I need on my main but I suppose that won’t be happening at all.

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You are correctish.

My original post on the topic was November 7th. I noticed it had broken within 1 or 3 days before that give or take. Basically sometime that week it was acting odd.

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I’m at onyx 2 and I’m not ranking up at all how do I rank up from it. I’ve been on it for 5 days staright, and yet no rank ups for me, is there a way to fix this ranking system or what, cause I’m not playing gears 5 with it’s bad gameplay I only stick to gears 4.