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Gears 4 ranking system is broken?

I have played since last week in gears 4 and won my matchs and only low rank, i was diamond i now im gold, it seems that it only counts the defeats, and im not the only one that happens, the problem started when they supposedly fixed ranges in gears 5.
Algo sucede con el sistema de rangos de gears 4, al parecer solo bajas incluso aunque ganes, era rango diamante y ahora soy oro, me han bajado solo por perder 1 entre 5 partidas que he jugado aunque haya siempre gano mvp, y no soy al único al que le sucede, el problema empezó hace dos semanas aproximadamente, ya no subes, solo bajas de rango.


It’s the same with me.
Gears 5 rank problems were transferred to Gears 4 and have screwed up the ranks.
I went from Diamond 4 to Onyx 1 for losing a few games (not consecutive), and when I win and I’m MVP it doesn’t count at all.

By the way, I suggest you translate your entire post otherwise you will close it.

Yeah this seems to be the case. Had a Diamond 5 buddy go down to gold 3 and trying to climb higher in any diamond tier or even lower ranks just doesn’t do anything. It’s Gears 4 too so there will be no fix and from what I’ve heard they’ll be shutting ranked down in Jan.

I had this before gears 5 came out I was diamond 2 on the way to 3 and suddenly it was only downwards.only defeats counted but no victories

i want to know what happened