Gears 4 ranked not working

Looks like Gears 4 ranking finally broke.

You can still check stats here:

On a new account I placed Gold 1 33.33% and it no longer moves upward for wins. (Even as MVP on wins against Onyx, or D3’s and D4’s). It will always remain the same with no movement.

However, for losses it will careen downward.

I know TC likely doesn’t care, but figured I would mention it for anyone else still grinding in Gears 4 and not seeing any change.

The ranking system in Gears 4 has had enough.

It’s fed up of being abused on how broken it is.

Give it some love.


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I knew it lmao. Was on a straight downward spiral from D5 all the way to Onyx 1 now . Mvp 80% of the games, never had that problem at all before.

My only thought was they’re testing their wack G5 system on G4 but I digress. It’s whatever, I’m only playing it for fun anyway.

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Something happened in the last week or so as it had been working up until then on both primary and my smurf.

Just a bummer because I d5’d my koth and got to 97% d4 in tdm… and it got stuck there. (unless I lose then it goes down)

yes you are right what happend in gears4

Gears 4 ranked is shutting down in 1 month I believe