Gears 4 quick play today

What’s up with quick play today. Every match has 10 players in the list but most are not in game and the players not in game are not even playing gears? Is Super Bowl Sunday affecting the servers? :thinking:

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Lol i noticed that “ghosting” has gotten considerably worse lately. It would occasionally happen to maybe 1 in 1000 people but now it’s like 1 in 3 seriously needs fixing…

It causes the lobby to hang and people’s characters to spawn in… Could lead to 1 dude stuck with an entire team of bots unless they quit.

The fix use to be the next person who quits will take any “ghosts” with them… That’d work most of the time. Unfortunately the only current cure is for everyone to leave to dispand the lobby but there’s always that one guy who stays :thinking:

OMG exactly. Really bad. Have you also noticed that almost every match shows 10 players but way fewer in the match? Ghosting . Exactly. I never new what to call it .