Gears 4 Prologue makes no sense

So, you read the title and might be saying, how does the Prologue for GoW4 make no sense? Well I’ll give you a full explanation.

So, at the end of the 2nd part of the prologue (basically the start of the E.D.), the crew dies due to a Reaver. Now this is the part that makes no sense.

So the crew “can’t” kill the Reaver because the HoD went offline. But if you’ve played Gears of War for even a minute, you know you can kill the Reaver will a Lancer.
And the only reason they died is because they didn’t move out of the Reaver’s range!

Even if the Hammer of Dawn was online, they still would’ve died! (Unless they moved out of the way.)
The HoD takes 3 seconds to get ready, so the Reaver still could’ve killed them in those 3 seconds.

This makes no sense at all, so if someone could explain this that would help.


this scene was meant to be dramatic man, youre reading into it too much.


I know, but they still could’ve moved out of his range.
Rolling is a thing for a reason.

yeah and wouldve probably been stunned or shocked from the missile blast. and dont forget the other locust emerging from the street.

True, but after a split-second, your fine.
And about the locust in the streets, the CoG were all in cover, so they wouldn’t be able to shoot them.

Let’s also not forget that there were other people focusing on the locust. So it’s not like they would’ve been a problem. And if you did look at the amount of locust that were in the streets before the cutscene, there weren’t that much. The player killed most of them before the cutscene played.

so youre an expert on reaver missiles?
you should break down why Anthony shouldve survived or Lizzie, youd have a field day with Lizzies death lmao.

JD got stunned in gears 4 by Marcus’s grenade, he was out for a min and in that min, Marcus got snatched. and JD is a former LT at this time, he most likely had training with explosives.

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Lizzie wouldn’t have died if the HoD hadn’t malfunctioned. Her death makes sense though.
Anthony only died because he stood up, so the Sniper was able to kill him.
Their deaths make sense, so there is no point in making a thread about that.

ask a TC member for a job application, im sure they will hire you.

Not having an emergency exit other than the driver’s door on a military vehicle is already stupid


That is true, but there wouldn’t be any place to put an emergency exit. Unless they removed the wall to split up the passengers and the driver, there wouldn’t be anywhere to put it.

Roof hatch?
Removable floor?

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I was thinking of a Roof Hatch, a Removable Floor I don’t think would’ve helped in the situation she was in.

Minotaurs have a roof hatch(source : the book known as Gears of War Ascendance, Kait uses the roof hatch to basically use the roof as a turret mount for a Tri-Shot to shoot up some Swarm). It was just terrible writing.


Oh, I never thought of that. Guess her death doesn’t make sense. Lmao.

Need to carry on the tradition of every Carmine must die I guess

But wait… Clayton is still alive! smh

Hey, Clayton was a badass. He actually knew what he was doing.
The Grub Killer must live on!

Died from stupidly blowing his sense of cover.

Had a Lancer and didn’t use it, talk about dumb.


Could’ve just used the Hatch to escape… but didn’t.

“During the Battle of Fort Umson, a second Condor flew overhead, dropping DeeBee pods directly onto the wall, which hit Gary Carmine and killed him.”

Wasn’t a stupid death, just no creativity to kill off a Carmine pretty much offscreen

Ben died because he tried to be a hero, if he wouldve listened to Marcus, he wouldve survived the riftworm, or wouldnt have died as horrible as he did. he got himself killed because he was using his lancer.


They broke the Carmine Tradition! A carmine is always killed in a cutscene!

@grey_mineman Huh, then I guess Ben was just a bad listener.
Maybe if he survived he would’ve been one of the heroes of GoW?

They froze like a deer in headlights, it happens…