Gears 4 - possible Series X patch / FPS Boost?

Jumped back on Gears 4 recently for a quick change, noticed that on my Xbox One X there was the option to choose either Performance OR Visuals mode. Choosing visuals is really clunky so always gone for the Performance option.

Got a Series X as well now, so having played Gears 5 on the SX I wondered how well Gears 4 held up, even with the Series X the enhanced settings is still just the same choice of one or the other, and Visuals is still super clunky :slightly_frowning_face:- would there there any plans / ideas to upgrade Gears 4 so that the SX can run both at the same time or even just a “FPS Boost” patch so that when running Visuals the frame rate is smoothed out considerably better than it is now??

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha ha! Ya… TC can’t even fix this game. Which is at and end. Moving on to gears 6. You think they would make any upgrades to 4?

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That’s already there for G4 though? Just checked.


how about fixing it first for Pascal users on PC

TC should be ashamed that the issue has persisted for 4 years

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Thanks, just double checked my SX - didnt see the “+FPS Boost” icon on Gears 4, turns out it FPS Boost is turned off by default on the SX…
“FPS Boost is not automatically enabled for Xbox Series X gamers, but can easily be turned on under the Compatibility Options in the Manage game and add-ons setting”

Oops :roll_eyes:

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FPS boost is pointless on Series X, as it runs all modes at 60 FPS on the Xbox One resolution, which goes to 1080p.

On the One X enhanced version, the performance mode runs at 1080p 60 FPS on Campaign and Horde. It’s exactly the same resolution and frame rate as FPS boost.

The only people who really benefit from FPS boost are those who have Series S, who don’t have access to the One X version of Gears 4.

EDIT: Just a note, if you enable FPS boost, you won’t be able to choose between the Performance and Visuals modes.

Kinda - afaik it locks certain games at 60 fps. Take NG2 for example - on the OneX you would still get massive fps-drops during the staircase-fight - on SeX it’s hardlocked at 60fps.

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Yeah I’ve poorly phrased that. I was specifically referring to Gears 4 but I haven’t been clear with that.

I remember Battlefield 4 (I think) running better with FPS boost, and I do hope TC just do FPS boost on the older titles rather than going through the effort of remastering the games.

A lot of them are good with FPS boost, but in this case I wouldn’t do it on a Series X, I would actually be intrigued to know if FPS boost is enabled, if the storage size you need is reduced as it will be running on the XO version.

How is this possibly marked as a solution, ? This is pure speculation, isn’t it? There is no reference to any official TC communication, there is no link to an official TC post/update… How is this allowed? :slight_smile:

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Anyone who owns G4 and a SeX could go check for themselves right now. Including Sera :wink:

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