Gears 4 PC stuttering?

So i recently installed the newest update for my Nvidia GTX 770 GPU (yes, i know its old but its been doing fine on med settings), until then i’ve had no problem with gears but now post-update when in roadie-run and wall bouncing my game stutters. Just wondering if anyone out there playing on PC has had any problem with a GPU update and if they’re in the process of fixing it. Thanks!

I can’t read that. It doesn’t format correctly. Can you just type it out?

I haven’t had issues with the newest drivers. At least, nothing that didn’t exist before. You might need to experiment or, if nothing else, roll back.


It appears my friend @Metal_Gear_Mo is having better luck with the newest drivers too.

…I hope I didn’t jinx him.

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Yeah, :smirk:I’m currently “in game” crash free on Nvidia 411.63 drivers WITH A-Sync compute toggled ON.


ok, thanks for all the feedback ill give some experimenting a try. :slightly_smiling_face: