Gears 4 pc frame drops

I have a gtx 1060 and an i5 . i can run ultra on nearly everything on most games, but when it comes to gears i get frame drops even on the lowest settings. is there a fix to this?

Gears is pretty demanding and a 1060 isn’t going to get you high frames with high resolution in this title, unfortunately.
What resolution are you running at?

To give you an idea, my old 1070ti, overclocked, would get 120fps at 1080 with some drops, and a mix of settings (not on all Ultra). At 1440 it would get close to that but a lot of drops. It was more realistic at 90. Could do 4k @ 60 with mixed settings but there were a lot of drops and I didn’t realize how many until I upgraded.

1920x1080, Guess ill just play with the video settings for a bit and see what i can run. I try playing on recommended and it boosts everything to high and ultra.

Also, you can check out the benchmark and see where it’s bottlenecking. If it’s having intermittent cpu issues, then you know it’s not a normal problem and it could be a conflict /bug from other software.

Will do, thanks for the help. I can run stuff on high, Just get random frame drops for no reason sometimes.

Could try turning off gore. Also close the Xbox app and Chrome. All those things help me. If you have to have the Xbox app open for a party, manually minimize it before tabbing into your game.