Gears 4 PC community should return to Xbox


It’s like playing at 1080p or 4K 60FPS and then being asked to go back to 480p 30FPS for the sake of uniting everyone.

It’s the same games yes, but no thanks.

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I too recently built my PC for a hefty sum for gears 5 and future games and i can just say OMG best decision ever PC is just amazing. MASTER RACE

That’s probably because on a smaller display the pixels are closer together so it look much sharper as a pose to a bigger screen even at 4k.

(Dies in shock)

PC will always be better, it’s an open platform and you can say loads of things about it. If the Xbox One version had less input lag and allowed to turn off vsync I’d not mind playing more on the Xbox. But having it full crossplay allows more players and it doesn’t matter too much really what platform you are on.

About 80-90%(from my experience) of those who turn off crossplay it’s because of cheaters and that’s The Coalitions fault for not implementing anti-cheat.


You forget that people sit much, much closer to a monitor than a a 4K TV.

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Ahhh yes of course that too and 15k for a PC you will be good for all your other games too CyberPunk 2077 look soooo amazing.

Even then it’s overkill… lol

i spent 2.5k on my computer and it can max out anything pretty much.

True, CyberPunk looks immense.

Rage 2 looks excellent.

Waiting for Red Dead 2 on PC.

CoD 2019 should be visually stunning and may have Ray Tracing.

GTA 6 will no doubt be epic when it lands.

This PC will last me a good 2-3 years before I do another rebuild.

At its core, it’s a i9-9900K with 2x Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti’s - with dedicated liquid cooling each for the CPU and GPUs.

Of course, 32GB DDR4-3200MHz Low Latency RAM and a Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 Drive.

All of this is sitting on the latest ASUS FORMULA Motherboard and powered via 1200W.

The case is the Corsair 1000D Super Tower.

This case is over $750 alone and is a huge beast!!!

That’s without the 13x Corsair LL120 RGB Cooling Fans!

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LMFAO @UniversalTuning It’s TC’s fault for not implementing anti-cheat and for allowing the crossplay toggle. They had done tests prior to making ranked crossplay then they decided to have that toggle…


Okay i get that you work for the Mafia no reason the intimidate me furthur.

-Element OUT


I am looking to make a YouTube video on a quick look at my 2019 Build in the next 2-3 weeks so look out for that!


Do you guys remember seeing the “Never Fight Alone” slogan advertised everywhere for Gears 4? Funny enough this image is advertising for PC players… PC players pretty much fight alone or not at all in Gears 4

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Because of TC…

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I play gears 4 at 4k capped at 60fps on ultra i never realized how ugly marcus was until i’ve seen every nook and cranny on his face ill stick to my PC ps fov slider is dope af


It really is hard to get used to how it looks and runs on console after getting used to it on my PC, I guess I could if I tried but man it would be hard for a while.
Same with other games, I just can’t handle rocket league on console anymore, it just looks and feels all wrong.

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