Gears 4 PC community should return to Xbox

I keep seeing “I switched to PC Gears Of War 4 and I’m never going back!” I’ll never understand this because Gears 4 barely even works on PC and a large amount of the Gears playerbase does not want to play with PC players so they disable crossplay.

Gears 4 is already divided by 2 tunings do we really need further divisions between PC and Console?

PC players stop quarantining yourselves away from the majority of thee Gears 4 playerbase and return to Xbox your extra FPS isn’t worth not being able to participate in Ranked matches.

The best experience is on PC.

I’m glad Mouse and Keyboard is coming to Xbox. Maybe then we can bring the two platforms together rather than choose where people should play.

Also, Gears 4 runs perfectly on my PC, no issues and is far better than the Xbox One X version.

You say you will never understand why people switch to PC because this tells me you’ve never experienced it on PC.

Back when I first bought a PC to play Gears 1 PC at 2K Resolution and a rock solid 60FPS - it was a nice and day difference over the Xbox 360 Version.

Same is true even moreso for 4.

I literally built a new PC costing many, many thousands for Gears 5 to get the best experience possible.


I can’t do it mate, hurts my eyes :eyes::confounded:

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Gears 4 is undeniably far sharper, richer and detailed on my PC at 2K resolution than it is on my Xbox One X at 4K.


Exactly the same as me, looks awesome in 2k. I expected more from the X version but I was let down.

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And my Xbox has access to one of the best TVs you can buy right now, a 65” LG 4K OLED too!!

And yeah, my new PC will be able to hand the monitor I ordered for it, the ASUS PG27UQ.

It’s a 4K 144Hz Monitor with HDR 1,000 and FALD - so it already looks better at 2K, I cannot wait to see it at 4K with 144FPS !!


Jees you are splashing the cash!

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I did say I was the most excited for Gears 5.

$15K Ready & Excited :wink: - that’s without buying eSports Content too! (Whether it’s packs or Direct Purchase is obviously unknown at this point)

God i hope for your sake there is crossplay!



Or else I will the Ultimate Matchmaking Lobby Simulator like I do now in Gears 4 :sweat_smile:

I bet $100 that you and Uni will get in a fight again.

Uni “Envii, you just don’t understand what the Gears community wants. No one likes you”

Envii “That is your opinion. I have spent more on this game than anyone else”

Uni “I don’t take anything you say seriously”

Envii “Ok…”


LOL you are hilarious David

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I try my friend

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Your a PC player and also a European player now there’s nothing wrong with this but it does handicap you because obviously you struggle to find Ranked matches in Gears 4

Intolerance towards PC players + PC port bugs + None NA player + 2 separate playlists + Gears new matchmaking restrictions = a real bad time for Gears PC players.

Lets hope these issues are solved in Gears 5 but even if they are there will still be players that disable crossplay

The PC version of Gears is so much smoother that it’s actually not worth me playing on Xbox just for ranked games. I’d rather be stuck in private games with friends forever than play on an Xbox again lol.


Well you guys are sort of just taking your ball and going home instead of playing with the rest of the kids at this point.

I’m all about unity in Gears Of War and this crossplay and the ability to turn it off is yet another wall within the community. It seems many have forgotten but I remember a time when we all use to be playing the same exact Gears on the same playlist and everyone was more involved.

The alternative is that we don’t play Gears at all. I bet 9/10 of the PC Gears players wouldn’t play Gears at all if they had to play on Xbox. They, like me, would just play different PC games.

It definitely sucks having another community division though, you’re right. It’s just better than the alternative. Imagine if Fortnite just got rid of the PC version.


All I see is this from Universal Tuning:

It’s now my favourite picture and description of a Xbox Warrior.


One advantage is the only I reckon for xbox: guest account and that’s it.

Half correct.

I’m a Multi-Platform Gamer.

I own a Gaming PC, a Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and a iPhone XS Max.

I play on and have always played on multiple systems.

For Gears 4, I have returned to being a predominantly PC player.

Only in Season 6 due to my Rank/Skill Level and decisions TC took that affected mostly EU Xbox and PC players as well as highly Ranked/Skilled NA players too.

So this is not limited to me being a “PC player” and/or a “EU Player”.

I can get around the whole system.

I can just make a new Account and no issues.

I can invite in a US player or a couple from East and Central and you can get games.

If they are willing to go onto Smurf Accounts then even better and faster.

The point is - I shouldn’t have to do this.

The same is the for Xbox Players who are really highly ranked.

And I repeat - it’s because of TC.

I’m hoping Gears 5 is just permanent Crossplay if they introduce Mouse and Keyboard Support and they should allow a 1080p120FPS mode and then it’s “fair” in the mind of Xbots.

But failing that, even with a toggle - build a solid game and the community/playerbase will be there and a lot of Xbox players do keep on Crossplay.

I hope that clarifies the situation.