Gears 4 over 5?

Am i the only one that actually prefers Gears 4 over 5?

Campaigns out, ofc, since neither 4 or 5 are good like gears 1, 2 or 3.

But on the multiplayer, i feel Gears 4 was more solid, without the knife mechanic, without arcade mode thats kinda Meh, a looooot of maps, actually earnable content instead of the tour of duty and the BS iron system which leaves non-paying users out.

I mean packs were kinda evil since the RNG was dissapointing, but you could always play some horde or do some farming with sniper strike and you could buy a lot of em, hell, i ended up with 200k credits in gears 4 (There should be some sort of conversion, even with ridiculously low numbers from gears 4 credits into gears 5 iron). Not to mention you could buy a lot of weapon sets on the packs, and you could ACTUALLY SELECT DIFFERENT WEAPON SKINS FOR LOCUSTS / COG.

Sorry for the long text, i had to say it.


I hate the knife and the fact you have the same weapon skins on each team, liked using darker ones for locust and more military for cog. The loot boxes were actually nice when you got them from re ups, gears 5 is trash aha


Gears 4 mp over 5 , yes for sure.
I’m not enjoying 5 at all, which is a shame because I do like Gears franchise. Hate knife range, lancer and shotgun damage and arcadey feel. It seems like is so easy to kill now its not even funny and rewarding anymore.
And that 97% damage …


Gears 4 definitely had a better horde mode. And the locked classes is wonky. Each character having a unique ultimate is fine, but limiting who can do what just doesn’t work.
Also, I totally agree on the load out options. We should at least be able to set up different skins for COG and Swarm.


GOW4 graphics are better IMO. G5 looks cartoony in comparison.

I don’t understand why that’s necessary. They definitely did something to the look of the game and not for the better.

Graphics aside, I played KOTH for a good bit last night and just…meh. I don’t get the same feeling like GOW4 KOTH. I can’t explain it.

It’s just a real bummer. At least there’s escape. I do like that.


Ikr? 4 Graphically looks sorta better.

Not to mention the fact that people are playing arcade / ranked team deathmatch, in both cases people camp like hell, Classic Matches are kinda empty :confused:


I feel the opposite. I find 5, while 4 admittedly did look pretty good, looks a lot better than it. The jungle environment of Azura in particular really looks great.


exactly, that rewarding feel is gone and gears is nothing without that imo.

As for the 97% damage, you are probably just outside of chunk range.

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Right? KOTH is campy - yeah, if that can even be said - and it just doesn’t feel right on the maps.

You have rings that are stalemates, rings that are too easily breakable and rings that are impossible to break.

Add the spawns and the flashbangs and the maps are just no fun to play.

It is just so freaking casualized.


I was speaking more for the versus side of things.

The campaign graphics are pretty good.

BTW I’m on a One X

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Same. But generally MP modes seem to leave the graphical side of things down a little to ensure better performance overall - not that I noticed any significant issues with the Campaign even in areas you could consider graphically intensive like the Windflares in Act 2 or 3.

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Imo Some of the backdrops/skyboxes in Gears 5 are very poor compared to Gears 4 particularly training ground… It just looks so flat…

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I agree I feel like 4 looked more realistic and the art for multiplayer in 5 was dumbed down cuz the campaign does look amazing but gears 4 graphics were amazing all the way including multiplayer


I completely agree with this.

4’s movement was completely fluid. No other game moved like it. Whereas 5 is stiff af.

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Played Gears 4 exclusively for about a week after getting bored of 5 and seeing not point of the grind. Even with the RNG, I enjoyed using my credits to buy versus packs and keeping cool weapon skins and the occasional character I got while “destroying” stuff I didn’t want such as duplicates and bounties. It’s a fun little mini game that helps you accumulate more scrap that you can use to buy characters/weapon skins. Even if you have enough scrap in Gears 5, the game won’t let you use it to buy the stuff TC wants you to grind for which is lame. Other than that…

**GRAPHICS:**Both games look pretty darn similar. Not an huge difference
**GNASHER:**The two have pretty different feels. Four’s is tougher to use, and I don’t feel like it’s for the right reasons. Sometimes you just have no idea where the shots are going
**LANCER:**Definitely prefer four’s lancer. It’s more of a support weapon that can be used for offensive purposes as well. Five’s is just way too OP, and when you see a Retro or Enforcer, there’s no point of even picking it up considering you already have the stronger gun with your starting weapon in your hands. It’s nice knowing that in four when you pick up another rifle that it’s stronger than you starting weapon.
**CONNECTION:**Both are pretty bad. I guess five might have a slight advantage, but neither is good. Pretty embarrassing.
**REWARDS:**As mentioned above, four is hands down better. TC obviously went another route with Gears 5, but I don’t see it getting any better. Granted, Gears 4 has been out three years now, so the skins and characters have had time to build up, but the foundation for being able to see a character you wanted, and play matches to accumulate currency for it was always there.

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The whole knife thing is so lame. I truly feel like only people that don’t know Gears use it religiously. I understand if you run out of ammo right in the middle of battle and decide not to try and reload, but those people that use it as part of a Gnasher battle… It’s as bad as two-piecing.

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I mainly played horde in Gears 4 and while it was fun at first it became painfully boring with the sentry spam, turrets, hammer of dawn and sniper strike spam.
Threre really wasn’t much actual fighting going on since sentries and strikes did all of the killing.
It felt like people were basically just playing to earn credits for their precious cosmetics.

Gears 5 horde is a breath of fresh air for me. Choosing modifiers to taylor the difficulty to your liking is nice and the battles can get pretty intense. A feeling that was pretty absent in Gears 4 horde.
I also love the lobby browser system since quitters are replaced there.
Im enjoying the hero system and like the sense of progression in leveling up heroes and look forward to seeing future heroes ults and skills.

When I first saw escape at E3 I wasn’t all that impressed but after playing it Im really enjoying it alot more than I expected.

Im also playing multiplayer modes that I never would have touched in Gears 4 and having fun with them so I like the way the challenge system encourages trying different modes.

All in all I think Gears 5 is a vast improvement over Gears 4 and appreciate the more consumer friendly approach they’ve taken with post launch content.

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I only play 4 now.

5 is just dull and boring there is no hype in matches but with 4 something cool or fun happens all the time.

Well TC have done a great job in making a cash grab, they will not fix this game and I hate to say it but 4 is getting buggy now, which has started with the choice of map rotation being removed. TC know we are all playing 4 more and will try their best to get us to play 5.


Trust me, you are definitely not alone. They made an acceptable sequel, let out various updates to try and get balanced gameplay…

…then they completely ignored it, changed we’ll-known features, added their own horrible ideas and brought out the mess that is Gears 5.

To clarify. I only talk about Versus here. I haven’t tried Horde nor Escape, none seem interesting. Campaign is decent, can’t fault that.


I’m so sorry for all the negative things I’ve said about gears 4…

Gears 4 multiplayer is loads better than 5 currently playing 4 rn until they changed 65 percent of the game

Gears 5 campaign is good