Gears 4 or 5 ? Which is better

Are people going back to Gears 4? I seem to have had more fun playing 4 than I do with 5. Doesn’t have the same thrill and adrenaline rush i would get before Any thoughts ? :eyes:


Ill get back to Gears 4 WITHOUT A DOUBT , since in there the ammo on horde its covered up , or Gears 3 which I find more gory than 4 .

4 has better horde imo.
I Don’t care for the pvp stuff, I’m a horde player.
My main complaints with the new horde:

Ammo is a joke
Can’t play as the character I’ve chosen.
Sniper is weak.
No turrets?
Flash nades that you cant hear ugh…
Don’t like the perk system
No full weapon loadout In the fab.
You get practically nothing for re-ups.

I did an inconceivable monstermash last night on 4 with some great high level players. No sentries, no sniper strike. Got 17000 score in one round with a sniper… explosive headshot FTW.


Weapon lockers are your friend.

Just like Gears 4 horde the class is weak at higher levels until you unlock and level up the cards. Just like you said with the explosive headshot. You think you would have gotten that score without the cards you have on the snipe???

Gears 5 is a fundamentally smoother, better game, with a better Campaign, better visuals, better all around. Fundamentally it is a better game.

Gears 4 has better maps and characters, but that will come with time with 5, as it did with 4.

The Horde mode is divisive.


Gears 3 is the best.


It’s actually the opposite minus judgement

No, Obviously I’m comparing my maxed out sniper there, on max difficulty. So it’s more than little skewed vs a new sniper, I just like my sniper too much I guess :smile: Shows you what the class is capable of though.

Looking at the new sniper’s cards, I highly doubt he can perform as well, even maxed, Just look at Splash damage that only works when you use your ultimate and not everytime you land the perfect eyesocket shot…

My best match in 5 we had lockers. LOTS of lockers with Tri-shots in, they are pretty fun to use, Reminds me of how good the turrets used to be in 4.

Obviously, not every engineer has the brain capacity to figure out your team needs ammo and build a few lockers, or doesn’t have the power because everyone has spent it on perks… Which leaves you with the box. The box that gives you sweet F-all. I could understand if it gives you less on higher difficulties but not on the lower ones…

In all reality, I would say it’s too soon to tell. Once they get the bugs worked out, people my change their mind.

Still like Gears 3 horde best.


Are you high or somethin’?

GOW4 wins in versus. GOW5 can’t match that level of exhilaration

GOW5 wins for campaign and variety of game types

4 is better because its had like 3 years of refinements . But everyone was ■■■■■’in when it first came out as well.


People forget this. Know how mad the forums are right now about Gears 5? They were the same exact way when Gears 4 came out. And 3. And 2. That’s what gaming forums do. They hate what’s new. The last game was always the best…except when it was new, when it was the worst.


To me funny as it sounds 4 is smoother. 5 is ridiculous with one shots or people eating tons. Then you see the cam and watch yourself put the Gnasher in someone’s face and they eat it smh. This host is some ■■■■■■■■. But I think ima turn 4 back on and see how it is now . And I like how horde was in 4. I do enjoy the new campaign and escape.

Gears 1-3. But if it’s only between the two, Gears 4. I’m not going back. Having fun with Iceborne.

Yeah, the thing is, the amount of anger about this game compared to the others when they were released is on a different level. This one EVERYONE can agree on is the most unexpected version.

I don’t agree at all. This is completely in line with what the last couple releases. I’d tell you that Gears 2…yes, Gears 2… was the most hated-by-the-forums during its lifecycle. Which is what always makes me laugh about this place because now that game is on a pedestal. People complained about lag (REAL lag, like not even knowing where you are), host advantage, and just any change made between 1 and 2. The one thing that other games can’t touch with Gears 5 is the botched launch, but even then the first few days of 4 weren’t great either. And people HATED Gears 4 when it launched. Absolutely hated it. Screamed that it wasn’t as good as 3, lancers too strong, choppy, hated the maps, hated the entire swarm faction, hated just everything. And now people live it. And when Gears 6 comes out, Gears 5 will be an immortal, just like the ones that came before it. It happens every single time a new game comes out.


I honestly am not a huge fan of gears 4 and 5. Some things I like in 5 better than 4 and vice versa.

If the connection and player base wasnt so bad Id go back to gears 2-3 for better gore

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Lol you really don’t understand what people are complaining about.

I guess the mindset of “it’s a new game so people will obviously complain” is stuck in your head.

I mainly care about horde and I think Gears 5’s version is much better than Gears 4 so definitely sticking with Gears 5.
I also really enjoy escape more than I expected I would.