Gears 4 or 5 for horde mode?

Hello, I’m one of those rare players who only really enjoyed playing single player story. I say that because I just realized that horde mode can be done with 5 players. I have 5 people in my family and games that support more than 4 are rarer than hens teeth, so my interest was immediately piqued. We all play in a room together, each on our own PCs.

That being said, for my situation, which is the “better” game? PvE, 5 players, horde mode cooperative is the only way we will be playing, so anything else is utterly irrelevant.

Thanks very much!

I personally like GOW5’s iteration of Horde more. I think it’s got more depth. Trouble is, with 19 different classes, it’s a total grind-fest to level up classes.

But then again, GOW4 uses the old lootbox system with RNG, which is also a total bum.

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Gears 5’s Horde mode is better.


Gears 5’s horde post-Operation 5 is without a doubt the best horde there is so far. I say so far because we don’t know what Gears 6’s horde will have in store for us. Hopefully, NOT the return of the dreadful hero system we had for the first year of Gears 5’s life cycle.


The current version of horde is much better than before and gears 4 horde. Now if horde had remained the same way it did since launch and before operation 5 I would’ve said GOW 4 horde instead.

Gears 5 has grown on me but i still prefer gears 4 horde. It was simpler in terms of class ability and despite loot box RNG, you could scrap stuff like skins to generate more cards to develop your classes. There are too many classes on 5 and fabricator open shop policy can make engineering a nightmare if players dont respect each others role and buy bullet sentries before a single barrier is on the map. On paper its a great idea but it doesnt cater for overall teamplay if inexperienced and/or selfish individuals value their kill and damage stats more than whether or not you get the job done. You are fortunate that you have the same players all in one room playing together and that means you can play 4 or 5 without wait times or the risk of randoms ruining the game. Try both and see which works for you and which you enjoy the most.

Gears 5 horde is the best horde out of any Gears game so far. Some enjoy Gears 4 but thats because it was very very very easy even on the highest difficulty.

(Edited my comment because saying anything negative about Gears 4 horde triggers people for some reason)

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If they screw up gears 6 like they did with 5 initially then everyone should boycott them

We all have preferences. Invalidating mine by saying not to believe anyone who says 4 is better than 5 is unhelpful when the OP has the luxury of a full team who can try each version and make their own decision. Its down to personal choice.

Majority of people prefer 5 over 4. PvE wise.

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To each his own buddy.

For me G4’s Horde is way better, any class is viable in most situations. Sure you’re depending on RNG to get the first card to learn the skill but other than that you can do just fine and most definitely don’t need anything near to max skill cards even on the highest difficulty.

Horde in G5 is another game compared to the terrible mess that released with the game and although some prefer it, you’ll quickly find out that unless you have full knowledge of every card, several classes will perform quite bad at higher difficulties.

People that played PvE only on G4 abandoned G5 shortly after it was released, naturally those that stuck prefer G5.

I kept playing 5 mostly for PvP, Escape helped though.


Because they actually had to play the game this time around. No standing in a spot for 50 waves and planting nades every couple minutes while a dude stands at the fabricator hitting sniper strike.

This is also true for Gears 5.

This is the player’s problem not the game’s. Ive played every class on master frenzy and mostly every class in 1-50s and as of right now every class is good and has a spot. Michael Shannon has done a damn good job getting characters to be good.

Your referring to speed running glitch on maps like lift, and not playing as the game is intended to be played. Of course i could compare constant sniper strikes to incessant demolitions carpet bombing and bulletproof blade players but theres no point because it would have zero to do with the original question. You are making a statement that gears 5 IS better whilst myself and a minority are offering opinions. Its not us who are triggered and derailing the thread. Master horde isnt difficult on many maps, but the attitude of many gears players is difficult. Everything on 4 was a lot more amicable than it is now and thats why many gears 4 players hung up their cog tags.

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You’re right

Gears 5 for me. I enjoyed horde on 4 for a few months at the start but once my team mates quit the game due to leaderboard shenanigans i didn’t enjoy it. Gears 5 horde has had my attention since the end of OP3 and it’s gotten better and better for the most part, especially with the addition of classic in custom. It’s probably the longest stretch of time i’ve spent on horde mode since the original on Gears 2.

5’s horde is much better than 4’s as it offers more variety in terms of classes and skills.

Edit: It isn’t perfect and it has bugs but overall the experience is much better on 5.


Thanks everyone for the great replies!

Because Gears 5 has Blademaster while Gears 4 don’t.

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While i like the g5 horde more for its classes

The ai got significantly worse from each game and the swarm enemies lost a lot of feature from g4 the biggest example being scions in g4 acted like the kantus and would res any Allies on the ground.

So in honesty gears 4 horde is better than g5 cause of the enemies alone.

(Also please put the kantus in horde mode)