Gears 4 Onyx Guard?

Does anybody know “if” the onyx guard will ever come out?

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It’s been asked for so heavily that I imagine they’ll do it eventually. They need to do something to keep the hardcore playerbase alive until 5 comes out.

No one but TC knows on what characters will be coming to Gears 4. All we have to do is wait and see.

TC won’t discuss unannounced characters but I’m positive they are aware that so many of us would like to see them in the game. They’ve already given us plenty of characters we’ve never been able to play as before and this fan favorite has got to be on the radar I’m sure.

Really do think they should save some legacy characters for 5 because i feel you shouldnt put all your eggs in one basket.

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So they release most wanted skins now and when 5 comes out, there wont be any left and those same hardcore players will complain that there are no other skins to collect

This community is way more simple than that. TC will sell us the same characters and same old maps with every game and people will lap it up. Look at the type of stuff people ask for. It’s never anything new, it’s the same stuff they got in previous games.

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I wish Gears 5 is just Gears 4 but with the new number in the menus :+1:

The problem with people is they are too stuck in the past and can’t handle change imo. They seem to prefer to stay in the Epic Games Era of Gears.

They can just release them again in Gears 5. Alot of characters have appeared in every iteration of Gears. Judgment is a bit of an anomaly but Delta Squad, Hoffman, Anthony Carmine and Minh have appeared in every game from 1-4. Fans will just want them all over again in Gears 5 (purely because it will be the current Gears game by that point) so I personally don’t see any benefit in saving characters for the next game.

What they should do then going forward in Gears 5 is make sure the characters are designed in a way that can be easily transferred to the next game iteration.

Then all its needed is updated character graphics for that game.

I agree with that. I also can’t blame them because the best Gears characters are the older ones. I really hated most of the characters in #4. Many of the maps were awful. So many elements just weren’t as charming as old school gears.

I’m looking forward to #5 though. It looks like they might be making the turns they need in order to appeal to the Gears crowd again.

I’m big into nostalgia but I don’t want to be playing the same game on the same maps for years of my life. I want new content while still getting that nod to the classics we all crave.