Gears 4 Online Co-Op Hatton issue (PC)

Hi there, before I start off with Gears 5, I’d like to revisit Gears of War 4 with a Friend and play the Online Co-Op Campaig. Sadly, one of us get kicked out during the loading screen with an error message (hatton), we both tried out to be hosts, and the non host gets kicked out. We’re playing on pc. I found some Port Settings (UDP/TCP 3074) and we both opened that port on our routers, but had no luck so far.

Any Ideas on how to resolve this issue?


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Search for Xbox live settings in windows, and check connection and click the fix it button. Make sure your ports are properly forwarded. Me and my friend had this problem and managed to fix it, but it took hours to figure it all out.

Then, while playing, he would get random crashes and I would get completely random framerate drops, going from a smooth 60 fps where I limited it, jumping down to 30 and and sometimes 20 consistent. There was no rhyme or reason to the framerate drops in my case, because the game would run perfectly in all scenes. One time it started the frame drop when someone turned in my cog tag in horde mode.

I gave up and uninstalled the game. We did get coop to work though. Make sure your NAT type is open and it says it’s good in the xbox live settings. I’m gonna try Gears 5 now and hope for better luck. Gears 4 was sadly one of the worst experiences I had playing a PC, Great game though.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that sometimes, even with the ports forwarded and the xbox live settings good, it would STILL give the hatton error! You’d have to restart the pc or the game to get it going again. Hence why I gave up on it. Also make sure both of your windows firewalls are enabled or it won’t work. What a pain in the ■■■.

I have the same problem … Have you found the solution?

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Hello MiguelXavier84.

Did you know any fix for this error?


Any one found a solution ?

NAT is open and all good but still having this ******* issue.

Sometimes when there is no available coop i can host a party and people can join without any problem … WTF !

Thanks for the help


Sometimes I can’t find any hosted game and a message pops up to ask me if i want to host (You must then click on the Escape button.)

Once i host, I do wait a few minutes and someone ends up joining me without any problem!

Would it be possible to at least add a button on the Hatton error message that would allow you to host your own game? Surely several people like me will be able to host online games without any problem even with this error

Just next to the ‘enter’ button, it will be really great to add the ‘host a game’ button.

If any tech is reading my comment please escalate it, it can be very helpfull for many players in the same situation as me.

I remain available if you want any detail or proof…


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