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Gears 4 on Windows 10 - Known Issues and Workarounds

(Coeztar) #61

the game runs perfect on 382.53 but with newer drivers the game is just unplayable , alot of crashes.

(red section) #62

It’s been 2 years but I can’t still get the story-related secret achievements. Tried multiple walkthroughs and all workarounds I can found but still got no luck. I’m wondering will this be fixed in next patch?

(CowardTV) #63

Soo my PC Specs are:

Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1080 8GB
16GB Ram DDR4 2400mhz
my issue is i got the latest nvidia driver update and lets say i crash every 5 minutes ! i tried to put the other drivers but it made my game to crash every 30 minutes thats annoying, why a game after 2 years still crashes and lags what the hell is going with you Gears this is 2 years past gears 4 come on do something about this i cant even play the game and i feel bad buying this esports pack !!

(soldiermxdeath) #64

The game still crashes even with the new Windows 10 October 2018 Update, the latest Nvidia Drivers and AMD Chipset driver (I’m using Ryzen 5 1600). It’s a game issue or Windows issue or Nvidia drivers, I don’t know. Lack of profesionalism from TC. And now in what’s new post they deleted the part “we are working with the parthers to solve this issue”. SHAME.

(S4MIR5) #65

Hello there! I need help, i bought the game a week ago and i cant play online because the game doesn´t connect with the game servers of Gears Of War.

i tried to fix this issue reinstalling the game and i opened the ports of the game in my router
but nothing works

please i need help

(JoBE242) #66

Game still crashes. Win 10 Pro 1803, i7 7700K, MSI Z270, 32 Gb RAM, Asus 1080Ti, Nvidia 416.34 drivers. Tried a Clean install with no success.

(CowardTV) #67

you can try to install 382.53 drivers but i dont recommend cause its not supported and its slows the pc down and other games as well

(TROOPER1818) #68

I am having Framerate problems in GOW Ultimate Edition on Windows 10.
It’ s very present in many parts of the single player Campaign.
I replied in some other threads of people who have the same problem.

We all have very highend pc 's ( mine is i7 8700k@4,8Ghz GTX 1080 16GB DDR4 ) and this shouldn’t happen at all. It all happened after the latest Windows 10 update.

Please look after this matter at once and fix this problem. Its very immersive breaking and annoying. I would be very gratefull that you fix this and i hope in a very short time.

(M0ty) #69

I’m having GoW4 freezing during cutscenes/loading. Had it on 2-1 before and have it on 3-1 now. Literally can’t finish the game.
Win10 1809, i7-8700, Radeon 580 latest drivers

(Snow wight 1111) #70


(Elebril PL) #71

February 2019, the crashing issue still persists, making any ranked or horde games unplayable. Why would any of us waste money on Gears 5 if that’s the support we get is beyond me.

(kics) #72

i’ve tried everything… driver 382, adding another user and installing it alongside the main user, re installing… nothing… R.I.P. GOW4

(W14CAL) #73

I reformmated PC reinstalled works fine now.

(SgtSagan1) #74

What config you have? videocard, cpu and etc…

(Skip202) #75

I love playing Gear 4 more on my laptop because it’s a lot more responsive than my Xbox. Only problem is the game keep crashing for whatever reason. I have no problem with any other game to include other Xbox Play Anywhere titles. Is there any particular reason why my computer keeps freezing? I’ve dealing with this for who knows how long.

I just want to play some damn KOTH and not be suspended.

Also, thanks for taking the time to take care of your fanbase.

(KiKiLL) #76

There is nothing you can do with this game on W10 and Nvidia GPUs!

Gears Of War 4 on PC has been crashing, freezing and harlocking your PC since June 2017!!
The game worked from Ocotber 16 to June 17, very short life time indeed.

TC are incompetent devs that couldn’t manage to fix their own game despite having tried …maybe!
They know that their game is broken but they keep selling it, nice!!

May be GOW 5 will have a longer lifetime as a working software

(KiKiLL) #77

What a joke , really!!

At least you 're not posting & commenting anymore on the PC issue, that’s better than saying crap & lies!!

(soldiermxdeath) #78

If Gears of War 4 wasn’t fixed, I don’t want to think what kind of issues will have Gears 5.

(liam kvn) #79

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(PeaceDL101) #80

Crashing issue is still here.

1070ti. Have tried all driver recommendations.

I play and then crash and get 30+ minute penalties non stop.

No word or update on fixes since June of 2018?

Sad man. I love Gears and I feel nothing but punished as a PC player.

I have kept my mouth shut on this issue for awhile. Expecting that eventually a fix would roll out and all of these issues would be resolved. I do not go to forums to complain, but a fix has never come.
We are left in the lurch.

Thanks TC.