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Gears 4 on Windows 10 - Known Issues and Workarounds

(TC Octus) #1

[Updated June 26, 2018 – 398.36 Drivers]

Hello Gears PC fans,

We are aware of two ongoing issues with Gears of War 4 on Windows 10. Our team cares deeply about these issues, and we are working hard with our partners to resolve both of these problems as soon as possible.

If you are encountering issues when loading the game or crashes when playing on an Nvidia GPU, please read on for our currently known workarounds while we work to fix these issues.

BIGELOWE Troubleshooting

Please refer to our guide here:

Achievements Not Unlocking

Some issues can happen with the achievements on Windows 10 if the “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service has been disabled. Please make sure that this service is up and running on Windows 10.

Here is how to turn it back on:

  1. Open the Services desktop app, which you can easily find with the Cortana search bar or by using Windows Key + R and then type “services.msc”
  2. Find the “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry” service in the list an open its property sheet by double clicking on it
  3. Change the Startup Type to “Automatic”
  4. Restart your PC

Game Crashes On Load (Splash Screen)

This issue continues to be a high priority issue for us. Our team here and throughout Microsoft (including the MS Store) are working to resolve this problem. Thank you for your patience while we work to get this fixed as soon as possible.

A couple of Windows Updates recently went live to fix this issue. Here is how to get the updates:

  1. Press the Windows Key
  2. Type in “Check for Updates”
  3. Select Check for Updates

Make sure KB4088776 and KB4089848 updates are downloaded and installed. Reboot your PC for the updates to be fully applied.

Other suggestions:


  1. Open the Windows 10 Store, then in the top right corner click on the profile picture
  2. If you have multiple accounts signed in, sign out all of them
  3. Press the Windows Key
  4. Type in “wsreset”
  5. Select “wsreset”
  6. Open the Windows 10 Store again, then sign in the account that owns Gears of War 4


  1. Press the Windows Key
  2. Type in “Settings”
  3. Open “Settings”
  4. Click on “Update and Security”, then “For developers”
  5. Make sure that “Windows Store apps” is selected

As a last resort, uninstall the game and perform a clean full re-install of the game. This will resolve any issues.

  1. Press the Windows Key
  2. Type in “Settings”
  3. Open “Settings”
  4. Click on “Apps”
  5. Click on “Apps & features”
  6. Uninstall Gears of War 4 from Apps list
  7. Turn off your PC, wait ~10 minutes and turn on your PC
  8. Install the game from the Windows 10 Store again

Nvidia Drivers

Please be sure to use the 398.36 Game Ready drivers. You can download them here:

Disable Game Bar and background recording

  1. Go to windows settings > Gaming > Game bar > Turn OFF “Record game clips, Screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar
  2. Navigate to Game DVR in the sidebar of the Gaming menu > Turn OFF “Record in the background while I’m playing a game

Thank you again for your patience. We will do our upmost to provide updates whenever we have them on these issues.


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(anon86589457) pinned #2

Can we please get some help for the PC community
(UthyrTheImpure) #3

hey you guys dm’d me a few times about my issues still havent found a solution im gonna attempt to reinstall windows today to see if that solves it :crossed_fingers:

(anon86589457) #4

Sounds good, yes we have been DMing back and forth on Twitter. The team is looking into your DxDiag - getting back at you when I have an update. Thanks!

(HUG3 N3WB) #5

Regarding the crashing issue with Nvidia cards… Can you confirm whether or not the bug is Nvidia’s fault, or TC’s?

If you’re not allowed to say, that’s fine. I’d just love to know who’s responsible and why we still don’t have a fix over a year later.

I think it’s fair to be downright furious about this still being an issue.

I’m also concerned that this issue will carry over to Gears 5, and us PC users will be suffering again.

Thank you

(nickwithtea93) #6

For an issue to be going on this long I want to say it’s either an Unreal Engine problem or an Nvidia problem or both.

If it was some type of issue with the entire engine itself then I think epic games would have to step in; if it’s strictly an Nvidia issue then I’m sure they had a massive backlog of bugs or issues reproducing?

Regardless I heard from a few people (couldn’t find a source) that the fix is in TESTING for the next nvidia driver (not the one that just came out) doesn’t mean it will release with that one but that it is being tested. Someone said manuelG from nvidia confirmed that somewhere.

I just hope it’s fixed soon because I’ve been unable to play for months and unfortunately due to my setup cannot use the older Nvidia drivers (mainly my monitor)

(sinadoom) #7

Please post updates here instead of Twitter

(anon86589457) #8

We always make sure to update this page as soon as we have a new/updated workaround.

(WarmedxMints) #9

Just to let you know, since the latest patch the crashing is no longer limited to 10 series cards. I was forced to play on my spare pc tonight as after a crash on the latest drivers, the game no longer loads. It just quits to the desktop on the splash screen. I tried all of the fixes to no avail apart from reinstalling as I cannot uninstall the game due to an error code which ends in cfa.

Anyway, my main rig has a 1080ti and spare pc has a 980ti. I had two crashes using the 980ti tonight. Once I reverted back to 382.53, I did not experience any further crashes.

(anon86589457) #10

Thanks for letting us know – what kind of crash were you experiencing on the 980ti? Splash screen (i.e. the game logo loads then game crashes back to desktop?). This will help us, thank you.

(XxWreckedSoulxX) #11

The issue is on NVIDIA’s side if it only works on driver 382.53. It would only be the game’s fault if it blocked any other driver, which might seem like it, but recently contacting NVIDIA, they say it’s the game and not them.

I don’t believe that since you have to GO BACK on drivers just for the game to work.

What needs to happen: TC NEEDS to ask NVIDIA to make a new driver for Gears 4, and since 382.53 works, ask them to make a driver like that so we can have optimal experience on not only Gears 4, but all the latest games coming.

This has gone too far and way too long,

EDIT: Is Async only for 10 Series cards? I don’t see that with my NVIDIA GTX 970.

(GhostofDelta2) #12

Async Compute option was removed in a patch roughtly 6 months ago.

@anon86589457 Given this option no longer exists it would make sense to remove it from this page to avoid confusion such as above.

(Headcase TM) #13

I have been playing Gears since the 360 days, got a PC last year and have been playing on that since. Recently I’ve wanted to get into Gears again, so I purchased Gears 4 Ultimate Edition for my PC, tried installing it and it literally did nothing. I contacted Microsoft for help, after hours of being sent to different techs, departments, and chats, the end result was that I couldn’t be helped. The last guy just ended the chat and disappeared without even saying anything lol.

I love Gears, but I guess I couldn’t get any actual help and just asked for a refund.

If anyone in the community can actually help me since Microsoft gave up, I would greatly appreciate it.

(Skelface) #14

Played Horde for the first time in months. Two crashes (one hard reboot).

Where is the fix? It’s been almost a year, at this point, it’s either carelessness or incompetence. I’m sorry, but I don’t think of anything else for an issue that didn’t exist at launch.

Gears freezing on PC post?
(sinadoom) #15

Just to let you guys know, the game even crashed in the menus when I was checking out my cards! So far all the freezes were in-game but I suspect this driver bug has little to do with any rendering logic. This was with the 397 driver.

(Fr33Ki77) #16

This saddens me, I just bought a 1080ti to upgrade from an AMD card and downloaded the latest drivers to have this game freezing then BSODing my computer randomly whether it be in the menus, configuring/customzing, searching or even playing in a match. I wish their card drivers were as reliable as AMD, never had any driver issues with them xD

(BSAK Assassin) #17

Hello, I need help, the day Thursday or Friday I received the Microsoft Studios package but not in the game I do not see the package, I have it installed in the console but it does not appear and I want to please help me.

Country: Mexico
GT: BSAK Assassin

(Great Aldebaran) #18

I tried all the options and no luck here. I tried microsoft help first but still the same. The game shows the splash screen and then goes to desktop. I really want to play…


My PC Components
EVGA GTx 1080 Ti
Ryzen 1700 OC to 3.9
16 GB of ram @ 3200


My problem is that Even after trying all the methods they have (I even re-installed Windows 10) like getting the Nvidia Driver 382.53 and uninstalling the installed Driver with DDU, my game is not GPU bound at all (.5% gpu bound) so my Average FPS suffer a lot. I used to be able to play this game no problem at 144fps most of the time now I’m lucky if I get 60fps. Does any one knows any way of solving this. I am trying to play the campaign but fps drops are massive.

Edit: The Problem seems to be that I have very low GPU usage around 30 to 45%. My Cpu usage is normal at 25 to 45% so no bottlenecking but still I do not know what is causing this low GPU usage. I am playing at 1440p everything maxed out. The only thing that I have installed right now on my PC is just Gears of War 4 (Recommended Nvidia Drivers) and nothing else since I did a clean install of Windows 10 to see if the issue went away but it’s still there!

(WarmedxMints) #20

The game randomly crashes during play. The splash screen crash seem to be related to the push to install service not running and nothing to do with the drivers. I have had the game just lock up during a match and while sitting in the main menu on both my 1080ti and 980ti systems.

I have also experienced the crashes in both versus and horde game modes.