Gears 4 offline right now

Is anyone else having issues trying to sign in?. Gears 4 has been unplayable for me for over a hour. I keep getting this error code. 0x97e107df. I did a hard reset. I also turned the power off as well. Any fixes to this?

I can play and match-make, but am having problems with my season pass not showing up at all, as well as the DLC maps. It shows udner the store section as not owned, and the season pass is also shown as not owned, but when I click on it, it says I already own it.

The season pass exclusive skins (Vintage JD and Vintage Dropshot) are still in my inventory.

I’ve tried signing in and out of my gamertag and turning my console off and on, but no luck.

It may be that there are general issues with the Gears servers right now and multiple different problems.

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I’m having the same issue and error code. I believe it’s xbox live in certain regions. My status report says that my games app and certain apps are under maintenance and not available and ppl are working to fix the issue…currently having gears withdrawals…

Rocket League is having similar issues but it’s an overall Xbox LIVE problem I believe.

I figured as much. I just checked the xbox site, and down detector. Some features are offlife but the xbox tech team is working on it. Hopefully should be working by tonight.

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I play gears and rocket league. That’s it. This really puts a damper on my night!

Yeah it’s weird, I was able to play (Not gears), my friend was able to play but his wife, literally the next room over from him, she couldn’t play anything.

According to XBL there are problems with their marketplace and purchases. If you’ve downloaded the game then you won’t be able to play it until this problem is resolved. Could this explain the problem? Did the OP have the game.on download or disc?