Gears 4 no longer captures video

gears 4 wont record video for me. it will capture a screenshot but wont record video. I tested a few other games nd they capture fine.

im on xbox one x, capture is set to 1080p 45 seconds. I noticed this week it would only record 5 seconds and now not at all. my internal drive cant be full, hard rest the xbox now, but ive already done that to try fix lag this week.

known problem or due to an update?

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Try this;

seems to work aftr a restart, thanks for the link, it said something about too much going on might effect record length and I only take the videos for bs kills I want to look at. wonder if network lag effects it. seriously only happened on gears.

seems like yet another thing I have to change for gears though, as of tonight im pretty sick of it.

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Happy it worked out.

me too. a shame i couldnt capture a nice round the corner dropshot kill and a 5 on 1 last stand though :disappointed:

May I suggest PC? :smiley:

you may, one console purchase too late though :laughing:

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Always later :smiley:

Mine is doing this now, too. It records only a few seconds. It started last week. It works fine in other games. Only in Gears 4 does it record wrong.

i lowered the resolution of my dvr settings to lowest (720 I think) and that worked. leaving it on hdr or the highest caused the shorter time. only in gears aswell. I really think gears is so network intensive it cant handle a recording.

I power cycled and lowered it to 720 like you did and it’s working again. Not sure why networking would matter. I record internally. Upload later. Maybe resource intensive, though.