Gears 4 Multiple problems (need help)

Last night I was able to sign into gears 4 with no problem at all with signing, matchmaking or horde. As of 10 minutes ago, I have been experiencing multiple problems. It took nearly 4-5 minutes just to sign. But thats not all. I am also having problems on horde lobby as well. It wouldnt let me select my class, character, bounty, etc. All it let me do was select maps. So i tried to get into a social versus match. I was able to get into a match but it was very laggy. Now pay in mind, I have never had any problems with gears games until this morning. I have tried several things in hopes to fix the issues, but none of them worked. I will list what i tried. Hopefully some one can help me.

Methods tried:
Unplugging system from back of console and wall jack
Took game out then put it back in
Power cycled modem and router
Turned off wireless network, then turned it back on
I aso did a hard reset of console

Nothing worked.

Additional note: Off topic: I am also having problems connecting to my rewards page on this site. My net is not having problems with any other websites. Just the rewards page.

Back on topic: I am not sure why my gears 4 is having so many issues. I would appreciate any help on this issue. Please help

Update: All my other xbox one games works fine. Just not gears 4. My disc is not damaged in any way.

I see 8 people have visted this topic with no help or ideas suggested. Surely some one can help with this problem

I hope i dont have to deinstall / reinstall my game or buy a new disk

Online services not working for me either, wont load maps

Mind if i ask you 2 questions

You may as well ask them and see if they answer so you’re not waiting around twice. :wink:

I added them on xbl as a friend. We are discussing it thru messages. Ty though for your advice​:grin::grin:

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